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Beating the Summer Heat Used-style

Oh MY God! The hot hot weather has finally hit us here on the West Coast.  Now, I admit wholeheartedly that we are wimps when it comes to extreme weather, mostly because we only have to endure a few hot days a year…the rest of the time we are content in your luke warm existence! Our idea of what is actually hot actually is very different from everyone else in Canada; my husband was positive that it was over 30 degrees on the long weekend and when we checked, it was only 23! (and he’s from the East Coast!  tsk tsk!)

This summer I have a little 14-month-old boy to protect from the heat and keep from becoming a grumpy pants!. Note: Daddy also turns into grumpy pants if it’s too hot…I don’t know how he survived growing up in Nova Scotia!

So I decided to start hunting on for some “cool” ways to keep from overheating over the next month. That’s right, our summer heat usually only lasts until end of August and then fall swoops in.  I know you East Coasters are cursing us as you read this.

So here are some of the things I found that might keep us cool and happy this summer:

It was like the clouds parted and a ray of coolness beamed down on me when I saw this portable air conditioner.  We do have an air conditioner but it’s in our son’s room as his room is in our very hot, poorly insulated, converted attic. I admit I’ve been sneaking up to his room while he sleeps just to get a reprieve from the heat!

I love that this is called a “Cooling” Fan in the ad otherwise someone might have bought it to heat their home! Everyone needs a fan in the summer, even if it’s just to push around the hot air in your house…and I’m not talking about my husband!  Hahahaha…sorry honey…I’m on a roll today!

I don’t even think I have to explain this one!  All of you parents out there NEED  a margarita maker in case of a stressful day…so I guess you’ll be using it daily! Personally, I think this one can be classified as a rain or shine item.

Can’t you just picture yourself lying on a lounge chair, drinking your margarita as your husband fans you with this beautiful feathery plume?  Awww, the stuff dreams are made of…

We all need an ice maker because you can never have too much ice when it’s hot out, right?  As this ad states, it’s great for parties so why not use it as an excuse to have one: “Hey everyone I have too much ice, so let’s have a party!”  Plus, you’ll need plenty of ice for those daily margaritas!

I hope these finds have helped you figure out some ways to stay cool this summer and I’d love to hear of any other ways I can avoid the 10 days of heat we must endure in the West!

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Coupon tip of the week:  Since it’s so hot out, it’s important to constantly be applying sunscreen when you’re outside.  And it’s also important to stock up on sunscreen as this is the time it goes on sale!  It doesn’t go bad for a while so make sure to buy some for this season AND next season so you don’t get stuck without any and have to go and pay full price for a bottle.




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