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April in a Flash

April went by super fast, but so much has happened!

First of all, on Facebook all of you out there helped me think of ideas to send Jordan and Brian something “West Coast” for their In Spirit Project.

While dead salmon and spirit bears were both valid options, I decided to go with the original driftwood idea, the results of which you can see here.

Perhaps the second most popular thing on Facebook this month was our poll about the Royal Wedding:

So much love, so much hate, so much indifference for the Royal Family. I am apathetic to announce that I didn’t watch the wedding, though I hear it was lovely.

We also had a couple exciting announcements this month! First off was the launch of our new iPhone viewing app, the Used Viewer!

We would love your feedback on the new app, but please don’t ask us when the UsedEverywhere app for Android or Blackberry are coming out. Trust us, as soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

The second launch of the month was our new site in New Brunswick,!

High five Moncton! Post away!

Next, we had a lot of fun across Canada for Easter Weekend. Earth Bunny took things over for us on Good Friday/Earth Day and helped promote our super fun Easter game (hidden on your local site after searching for “easter”).

Our most popular blog of the month was Andrea’s post about retro/vintage board games! Does Candy Land count as vintage? That was where it was at when I was a youngster. That and Mouse Trap. Or the Grape Escape. Or the play dough playset where you cut the play dough hair, which doesn’t qualify as a board game at all, but it sure was a blast.

And finally! The best of twitter all month? Apart from Earth Bunny tweeting pics of himself, it was this tweet from @randyam88. He sent us this gem of a link from

Thanks for one heck of a month gang!

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