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Always a story


You may not realize this, but that speech bubble in our logo is not there simply because it’s cute. It’s there to signify that there is a story behind each and every item placed on Sometimes the item itself has a history and sometimes, it’s the transaction that lends the story.

Last night I had a good laugh and have a little story of my own to share from picking up an IKEA desk/hutch combo with bench for $60 (score!). Check out the ad from here

Side note: IKEA moves super quickly in Victoria…I managed to get it because I emailed and said: I’ll take it. No questions, no back and forth. 

When I arrived, thankfully, the father and son were around to help dismantle it and load it into my SUV. Before we could do that though, the son had to move his big work truck with flatbed out of the way.

So, I’m standing there in a LBD and these cute teal heels (I’d come straight from work), when he looks at me and says, “I don’t suppose you know how to drive stick do you?”

I smile and reply, “of course I do!”; I don’t think he expected that answer.

“Great, get in, put it in neutral and keep the clutch in!”

I jump in, and ask, “You gonna bang the starter?”

He pops his head up with a big grin, “Yep, how’d you know?!”

I laugh, “I used to own a VW van and had to do this all the time”

So there I am, in this huge truck, trying to turn it over while this young guy is under the truck banging away…his parents stood laughing from the garage.

We got that sucker to turn over and start and I got the new-to-me piece home, which by the way looks fantastic in our soon-to-be guest loft/reading space.

This sure brought back some bittersweet memories of my old VW van as letting it go is literally the only regret I have in life.

Buying used can be so much more meaningful than shopping retail. Share your used story in the comments below.


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Nigel White

Hi, Lacey I have owned my share of the old air cooled V-Dubbs over the last 30 years, a dozen or so (I’m now 53). My bittersweetest was a 1970 RED wagon (I had it painted fire engine red) I fixed it all up, pretty etc. and to go real fast. I worked a VW parts store called BOW WOW for years, after my ten years it had to finally go to it’s grave, but it help keep many others like it alive. (made me happier knowing that, ya have to owned an old VW to feel these ways. Nigel (type3 nut)



    Love that Nigel! It is nice knowing the parts live on.

    I have a feeling Olga (that was our 79 Westie) is still out there rolling on. I also miss my first VW too, which was a red 87 Cabriolet…it was so quirky and you had to know all the tricks (like the e brake wouldn’t hold so I used a can to prop it up. If you didn’t switch gears smoothly you’d end up only having third and reverse lol).

    Something so awesome about everything being non-computerized.

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