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Fan feedback

What our users say about

“I am a mother of a nine month old and I use your site on a daily basis. I have purchased and sold items using your site on many occasions.”
Samantha K – Ottawa

“I’ve been using for over a year and a half, and have sold dozens (and bought dozens!) of things on your site. I have also initiated a LOT of new customers! I just think it is an awesome website!”
Emilie D – Ottawa

“I have used your site many times to purchase goods over the past 6 months. I am a recently retired mom of 2 and soon to be a first time grandmother. I am well on my way to furnishing a nursery in both my home and my daughter’s home. I have used your site to acquire some a variety of household and other items.”
Gail M – Ottawa

And our advertisers

“…since Thrifty Foods started advertising with, it has consistently been one of the top 10 referring sites to the Thrifty Foods website… has brought people “through the door” to a brand experience with Thrifty Foods – and that is the important point.”
Owner – Thrifty Foods, Victoria BC

“… thank you for being the best and most cost effective advertising we have ever had. is responsible for our most successful year, under my ownership (4 years), and possibly the most successful advertising in Pinetree Furniture history (25+ years). The service has been great and the results even better!  Thanks a million.”
Mike Porter – Owner/Operator of Pinetree Furniture, Victoria BC

And the people we’ve helped

“I don’t have words to say how much I appreciate your dedication, speed and interest in improving my Dad’s home and getting things in order. Your ability to head hunt, place, bring in, and make happen is fabulous. You have been the first breath of fresh air we’ve had in a long time! You must know that you will be paid, rewarded and your good spirit given will be returned. Thank you very much!”