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It starts with the smallest thing. A dog that needs a home. A woman giving away baby clothes. A free bike. A lost wedding ring. I just moved here. I’m leaving town. I’ll help you. You help me. We’ll help them. This is how a community connects. This is

Social commerce

It’s known as “social commerce.” We simply call it “community.” A place to connect, trade, buy, sell and share. It’s what we’ve been doing for years from our own backyards. But now we meet up online. As technology develops and neighbourhoods expand, a central meeting place is crucial. This is where we step in.

How we do it is a family-friendly network of local websites that provides the opportunity to buy, sell, trade and search in a safe environment. We are all familiar with the adage, ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’. Well, it’s never more true than on our sites. Keeping stuff out of landfills is just part of our mission. Our aim is to help you out, connect you with your community, bring people together and create real human interaction in a digital driven world. We connect people and create stories. Whether it’s that cheap desk and sofa you need for college or those framed paintings in the attic you don’t know how to sell. We can help.

Using our sites is simple and efficient. Our millions of users assure us. It’s these stories we love the most and want to share. The treasures people find and just how they find them. ‘You paid how much?’ is the usual reaction. Try it and see! And of course don’t forget our people on the ground. Our Community Coordinators who work offline, pounding the streets of your neighbourhood, looking for people to help, organizations to support, businesses to connect and events to attend. Here at we do it differently. Our commitment is to the environment and to the community.

We work online and we work off. We know the importance of real people and real connections. When we say ‘we love local’, we mean it, because we are local and we’re in your neighbourhood. Look us up. Find your local Used site here: Local City Sites.