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A UsedVictoria success story

It’s always nice to hear happy feedback from our UsedEverywhere community. Dee, owner/operator of Icing Hair Design here in Victoria, shared one story with us that was truly incredible, and so I decided to pass it along to you all as well!

Summer of 2009, some relatives of Dee’s moved to Victoria from Ontario with little else but what they could carry clothing, and some personal belongings. Before the move, Dee and her husband took some initiative to help them get started in their new home, and about three weeks before their arrival started scouring the classified ads on UsedVictoria for items they would need when they got here. They initially aimed for just the basics, just enough to get them through the first stages of living somewhere new. But searching for items to make a home for this family of 5 took hold of Dee and after three weeks of ad searching and contacting people ended up with much more than she first set out to find. From couches to coffee tables, dining room furniture, kitchen appliances, to bunk beds, a crib and more, they had managed to get everything they needed to set up a three bedroom apartment.

Items came from all over Victoria, and even as far away as Shawnigan Lake, Sidney, and Metchosin. Dee said “We got so much more than we expected from many of the people we contacted, once they found out what we were doing… I was amazed at the open generosity that was shown to us people threw in extra things that they might need, keeping the prices reasonable and giving good quality household items for free!” With Dee’s hardwork and help from you her relative’s move to the Island was made so much easier, and the transition into a new life a very positive experience.

This story is so important to share because it really speaks to the values of, particularly our goal to foster a sense of community. So from Dee and everyone here as, a big heartfelt thank you to Victoria and all the other communities for your continued support and for being there for each other. I’m continually impressed with what amazing people we have in our community! Thank you!

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Chris Smith

That was a fantastic story, thank you so much for sharing it.



    Glad you enjoyed it!

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