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A lobster a day keeps the doctor away!

My first lobster off the truck!

Turns out this is actually true but I’ll get into that a bit later.

I’m currently in beautiful Nova Scotia visiting my husband’s family and introducing them to our little guy for the first time.  I’m always super excited to go back East to see everyone but I’m also very excited to come visit when it is lobster season (strange how we always seem to visit during lobster season, hmmmm???? lol.)  As all of you West Coasters will attest to, lobster is considered a rare treat for us as it is super expensive from where we come from.  But on the East Coast, lobster is just a regular, every day dinner like having chicken breasts or ham.  In fact, during lobster season, it actually costs less to buy a whole lobster than it does to buy the other meats!  Crazy, I know!

Seriously!! I'm not lying!

And the best part is that they have trucks on the side of the road that sell it even cheaper than in the stores…I’m talking $5.99 a pound! So this trip I made a promise to myself that I would eat at least one lobster every day I’m here to make up for the fact I usually eat none in a year. So far I’m managed to keep my promise but not without a few hiccups.

On the first day we arrived, we were supposed to arrive in Halifax at seven and then drive an hour to New Minas where my husband is from. Unfortunately our plane was delayed over three hours ( I will refrain from naming the airline but will give you three guesses!! Here’s a hint: it rhymes with hair planada!) so we didn’t make it till after 10:00pm.  Then of course the rental car we got had some issues so we were late leaving Halifax making our arrival time in New Minas just before midnight.  I was so sad that I already broke my promise to eat my lobster for that day but then suddenly my luck changed; I looked up and there on a sign under the big yellow arches I read “The McLobster is back!”  What?  A McLobster?  What is this magical sandwich?  We pulled into the drive thru and ordered two and sure enough, it was a sandwich filled with lobster meat and weirdly enough it cost the same as a Big Mac! It was delicious and a great way to start the trip.

The next day I spotted the truck on the side of the road so we pulled over with my mother-in-law to help us pick the best lobsters as she grew up in Hulls Harbour and is an expert in lobster selection.  Interesting tip: the smaller lobster taste much better than the big one.  So when choosing lobsters, only buy ones between 1 lbs and 1-1/2 lbs as the meat is more tender; those 3 lbs or more fellas way look cool but they are way too tough.  We bought eight whole live lobsters and only paid $67!  I mentioned to the guy that for that price, I’d love to have a bunch shipped to Victoria and he replied that maybe this could be arranged…maybe I could open my own lobster shack in Victoria. I’d make a fortune!! Okay, back to reality. We made hot lobster sandwiches  that night and then I continued to have them for breakfast for the next two days.  Delicious! Definitely a breakfast of champions (and celebrities which is how I felt!)

My mother-in-law picking out the best fellas for us!

Eventually I ran out so I went back the next day to my favorite lobster truck man to stock up but to my dismay, he wasn’t there. Panic began to sink in but I calmed myself and asked my sister-in-law Nancy if there was any other places these magical trucks hung out.  She pointed me to the next town over so I hopped in the car and went treasure hunting for my favorite crustacean. No luck there and neither at the adjoining towns on either side.  I guess Tuesdays are the days they actually go out and catch these wonderful creatures.  So I had to resort to buying my lobster of the day at the local grocery store. It cost me $8.99 instead of $5.99 which was still an amazing deal, just not as amazing as the truck deal.  This time I cooked it up the old-fashioned way and just dipped it in melted butter…It was absolute heaven and worth every penny!

It's good luck to kiss a lobster, right?

I’ve only got 3 more days here so I intend to hunt down my favorite lobster man tomorrow and make sure to stock up until I leave…don’t want to miss out again! My husband’s family think I’m absolutely nuts but they enjoy watching me deshell these little critters each day…I’m definitely improving with each lobster.

Oh, and back to my original point, turns out that lobster is actually super good for you and even healthier than having a chicken breast or egg.  It’s low in calories and is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Who knew?

Lobster educational reading for you

Guess I won’t be getting sick on this trip!  Okay well maybe I might considering how I’ve actually been cooking my lobster so far…you see I may have omitted the fact that the hot lobster sandwiches consist of melting several sticks of butter in a pan, then sauteing the lobster meat in it for several minutes, THEN adding about 2 cups of heavy heavy cream into the mix.  Once it’s all hot and lobstery, you pour it over two slices of toast to absorb all the fatty, creamy, buttery, lobstery goodness – not exactly a healthy way to eat it, but OMG it is the best thing you will ever eat.

I’ll update you all next week on whether I managed to keep my promise but right now, I’ve got to run…I’ve got a date with a lobster man to discuss shipping half of his truckload to Victoria. Mom, if you’re reading this, a few very small guests may be arriving at your doorstep soon so I hope you don’t mind entertaining them till I get back home.  Thanks.  🙂

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Okay, now I am really jealous!! What a great story…so far no overnight guests have arrived, but Easterners are always welcome!! Love you – Mom xxx ooo


Sandi Burchill

I loved your story. I grew up in Nova Scotia and my Dad was a lobster fisherman. Your story had me smiling all the way through! Nova Scotia is the only place I eat lobster because once you’ve had it that fresh…it’s just not the same any other way…Enjoy your tme…Back to my desk at Black Press…sandi b


Amber R Bosma

I am seriously craving lobster now!


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