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7 Things NOT to Give Up for Lent

It\’s time to sacrifice for Jesus, people. It\’s time for Lent, my friends. There are 40 days until Easter, so it\’s advisable to refrain from playing with bunnies, wearing pastel, and eating chocolate until it is acceptable to do so in as exaggerated a fashion as possible. So, in this time of fasting, there may be many things that are good to give up, such as junk food or Warcraft. But what shouldn\’t you give up? Allow me,

1. Laundry Please do not give up doing your laundry for 40 days. Unless you have an impressive supply of clothing, keep the laundry thing going, for all of our sakes.

2. Your Children While under other circumstances I might recommend you give them up, I don\’t think Jesus would be too impressed.

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3. Tarzan Why punish yourself? Am I right, Ladies?

4. Brain Quest Because Lent is no excuse to stop learning.

5. Sleep I don\’t know if you can die from not sleeping for 40 days, but I\’m sure the outcome isn\’t a good one.

6. General Hygiene Brush your teeth, people.

7. Coffee Some might argue that coffee is a good thing to give up for lent – “it\’s not good for you” people might say. Well guess what, haters, you\’re wrong. Keep drinking the seeds of pure awesome. Totally legitimate medical advice from Katie Bresner. There is also just no need to make everyone around you miserable for the next 40 days.

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2 Responses to “7 Things NOT to Give Up for Lent”

Eden Dearing

I could never part with my Tarzan… even for Jesus…



This is a very funny post, love it, and let’s not forget, for the ‘giving up sleep for 40 days’ one – Charlie Sheen tries this all the time and he’s not looking too good right now, he lost his job and he’s not making much sense so all the more reason to keep sleep as part of your daily routine 😉


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