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Rock ‘n Roll Regina: Bandmates Wanted

Photo Credit: Flickr User Hotash

Making music is an extraordinary undertaking. No matter if a song just “happens” or if it’s intensely laboured upon for days, weeks or months, both situations require musicians to have honed their skill and technique; to have incessantly slaved so as to make their art seem effortless. Birthing a new melody into this universe is a feat nothing short of awe-inspiring.

So it’s fitting then, that two gentlemen in Regina are waging their own battle in the war to snatch songs from the vastness of space and time. Brayden and Matthew are a band incomplete; two guitarists looking for a better-half, to help flesh their love of rock ‘n roll into more progressive and complex levels of sound. It’s tough though, as the Prairies present a smaller pool of talent than, say, the underground of New York or London. Never mind the struggle to actually divine new tunes, Brayden and Matthew would, for now, just settle for bandmates showing as much dedication to writing, technique and musicianship as they themselves embody. A rare find in the industry – perhaps the reason so few make it.

But making it isn’t just pie-in-the-sky, as Brayden puts it: “I’m a realist and not thinking about fame – the future is always uncertain. While I love the guitar I have commitments to school and Matthew has outside commitments as well. However, I believe that the future is directly influenced by decisions made today. If we want to find musicians to play with and actually go somewhere, we have to put in the effort. It was always our dream to play guitar for a living. We hope to find musicians that have this passion as well.”

As such, Brayden and Matthew are eager to fill in the missing pieces of their band. If you’re interested in their perspectives, you might also be interested in their music. It’s a rough cut, but to get an idea of their musical chops, spend some time with their demo, here.

You can contact Brayden and Matthew their original ad here on

Having lived on both coasts and smack-dab in the middle of the prairies, Mark believes himself to be quite the well-rounded Canadian. That being said, he sure does struggle with appropriate regional diction. Remind him again: Is it pronounced scallop or skahllop?

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