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International Day of Climate Action

Saturday October 24th 2009 is United Nations day. Did you know it’s also the International Day of Climate Action? Sponsored by, people and organizations will doing something ( a.k.a. “actions” ) to support and address the issue of climate change in nearly every major city in the world.

In my hometown of Vancouver BC Canada, I’ll be biking with my kids for Bridge to a Cool Planet.

Find out what’s happening around your area, either search by map, or search the action list
to take part.

Update: The northbound lanes were shutdown and I estimate that there were over a thousand people supporting this event. Before marching the 2km to Science World organizers unfurled a long banner on the side of the bridge which read: “CANADIANS CARE – CLIMATE ACTION NOW”.

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To help you take part in October 24’s international day of climate action, we are: Lifting public awareness on the need for an international climate treaty ..


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