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Get Swapping This Halloween!

It’s a wonderful time in the world to be a green-minded parent! Why? When there is a concept or product that is single use, very creative people try to change this to ensure products are receiving longer lives and being recycled many times before heading to a landfill or recycling depot. With Halloween approaching there is a national campaign sweeping Canada that’s encouraging change.  The concepts of recycling and reusing this Halloween have gained momentum and the initiative’s name is National Costume Swap Day Canada and is getting in on the fun! We’ve organized a Tri City Costume Swap for October 13th at the Art Knapps Port Coquitlam Garden Centre!

What’s a costume swap and what are the rules?

In a world filled with rules – this swap is easy and fun. You simply drop off a costume to donate during the week of October 8th at either of the Art Knapps locations (Hornby Street or Port Coquitlam) and feel great that you’ve helped the environment by encouraging reusing and recycling. Or you can come to the swap from noon-3:00 PM with a costume to donate and find another costume to take home for free! For every costume you bring to the swap you’ll receive a ride ticket because at the back of Art Knapps is a magical Funland filled with pumpkins, rides, mini golf, bouncy castle and more! If you would like to put out a shout-out for costume requests before the swap date of October 13th, ‘like’ our Tri City Costume Swap Fanpage on Facebook and post the request. You never know what you’ll find by asking!

Here’s some more tips for a greener Halloween this October!

  • Find decorations and/or list decor that your family or home has outgrown on
  • Check the National Costume Swap Day Canada site to find the closest costume swap to you.
  • If purchasing new decorations, commission a local carpenter or talk to a local pumpkin patch and get a wooden piece made for your yard. Locally made decor, created with wood is a very special addition to holiday decorating.
  • Bring the outdoors in! Decorate with nature because it can all be composted after Halloween is over: pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, hay bales for the front yard, leaves, and more! Get creative & make crafts with these materials too.
  • If you can’t attend a costume swap in your area, try making or source costumes that have limited synthetic materials (polyester, plastic, etc.) Using cotton to make your costumes or upcycling accessories or clothing you already own is a great idea!
  • Replace traditional candy with GMO-free, gluten-free, organic candy. Brands that make this easy for trick or treaters are Surf Sweets and Yummy Earth.

Join the swapping craze and come visit at Art Knaps this Saturday!  Take the opportunity to connect with like-minded parents, clean out your previously-loved Halloween costumes, grab an organic lollie pop and have a great afternoon with your family at Art Knapps Funland in Port Coquitlam.

Suzanne is a green living activist and blogger over from Mommy Footprint. Her passion for raising her children in suburbia & a not-so-secret desire to own chickens keeps her balanced with realistic Eco living goals. Sharing knowledge about the environment, our food system, and ways to avoid landfill waste is her passion. Suzanne loves life in the tri-cities with her husband and four children. Follow her journey on Twitter @mommyfootprint.

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