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Donor breast milk needed in Vancouver

Sometimes you read a post that makes your own problems diminish – POOF! This happened when Vancouver’s Prenatal Coach,¬†Crystal Di Domizio posted a plea to Vancouver moms asking for donor breast milk for a local mom starting chemo treatments to fight breast cancer. While mom undergoes treatments she wants her three-month-old baby Linnea to receive donated breast milk nourishment. The goal is to get baby to six months of age exclusively breast fed. Here is what the result of local hero moms donating their milk looks like (image belongs to Prenatal Coach):

After reading a plea like this, you experience tunnel vision because even without having breast milk to donate, anyone can help by reaching out via social media or to community partners. has smaller chapters in most Provinces of Canada and if you aren’t aware, has a wonderful Community Angel program. When people in the community need help, Community Angels are there to assist. I am lucky enough to help with the role of Vancouver Angel and write this article to ask for your help if you have breast milk to donate. I’m thrilled with the help already received from UsedVancouver and our partner in kindness SPUD Vancouver because these two companies are now supplying the family with eight weeks of organic food boxes. We have no doubt that trying to manage high quality nutrition while receiving treatments for cancer is important, not only for mom but the entire family. Dad responded to our news with “We are humbled by this generous gift by SPUD and Used Vancouver to make life easier during this challenging time. Thank you so much!!! ” We also wanted to bring attention to the issue of donor breast milk. The well-documented benefits of breast milk consumption in early life are present in all human milk but when a child is unable to thrive solely on the milk of their biological parent, human milk is available as an alternative. Crystal recommends checking out milk sharing groups like Human Milk for Human Babies for more information.

Checking in with Crystal today, she reports they have approximately one week of donor milk left in hand for the family to use for baby Linnea. It takes a lot of milk to give a baby continual support of donated milk. We ask if you live in the Vancouver area and can deliver donor milk to Crystal (drop-off downtown), please get in touch via email crystal@cultivateyourhealth dot com. Our community is lucky to have Crystal with her obvious devotion to prenatal wellness. When Crystal is not collecting milk for a special mama and baby in need, you can find her mentoring pregnant women through their journey to motherhood. She is passionate about helping women have easier and more comfortable birth experiences through Hypnobabies Childbirth classes.

Community connections keep the light in our steps as we navigate through darker journeys. It is very reassuring as a Vancouver resident to know that UsedEverywhere Community Angels, SPUD Vancouver, and Crystal are keeping a watchful eye out. Sometimes feeling the warmth on our backs from unexpected acts of kindness makes all the difference in times of need. We hope this article gives the topic of community support and donor breast milk more light.

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Crystal - Prenatal Coach

A huge thank you to UsedVancouver & SPUD for supporting this family with 8 weeks of organic food delivery!

We are also very grateful that you’re helping spread the word about peer to peer milk sharing and helping us find more donor milk.



I would love to help by donating milk, contact me at 604-763-8575 or



Oops, that should be 763-8576


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