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Beautiful thanksgiving table decor DIY

Thanksgiving is definitely my favourite holiday out of all the Canadian Holidays that exist. There are no gifts to be given, no icons to explain to our children, just great food, time spent with amazing friends and family, and of course my favourite: BEING THANKFUL.

I know there is a history connected to the American and Canadian tradition of Thanksgiving, but to me, it’s about sharing time with my loved ones with a little wine glow, as we sit around and discuss all the great things we’re thankful for.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a little table centerpiece that not only tells us why we’re here at this table, but gives us an opportunity to share why we’re thankful with our dinner party. (Or, my two children, also known as “the dinner party”).

What we need for this nifty up-cycle are 6 bottles of any type, I’ve used milk bottles and a contrasting Patron bottle (yes, yes, I know milk and Tequila DO NOT go together on Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, or day, or night or ever). Here, however, they go together just fine.

Spruce up your bottles with:

  • acetone
  • spray Paint
  • twine/yarn (glue gun)
  • chalkboard paint (paint brush)
  • homemade stencil
  • chalk
  • whatever you’d like to put into your bottles

The process is quite simple:

  1. Wash bottles very well with soap and water, and leave to dry. (I wiped with a little acetone on the outside to make sure they were nice and clean as I wanted the paint to stick well)
  2. Spray bottles with chosen spray paint with as many coats as you see fit
  3. Let dry for a day (Start new project, I’ll present this at the end of this blog, and yes, I do find time to feed my children)
  4. Cut out chosen shape for stencil and paint on chalkboard paint 2-3 coats is fine (or ask husband to paint stencils as you may be out having a glass of wine somewhere)
  5. Let dry for a day or two
  6. Glue on twine or yarn around top, and feel free to add fabric, leather, leaves, whatever you see fit to spruce up the bottles to your liking
  7. Insert chosen item to showcase in bottles (here I used some dried cat tails/ long grass)

The best part about this little centerpiece is you can write whatever you want on your bottles and wash it off after you’re done.

What we are going to do this year, is keep the word THanKs on the bottles until we have finished our dinner, and over dessert we will erase the letters, and write what we’re thankful for on the bottles. Which I think, is a pretty fabulous tradition to start.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


My other little project is quite simple and could work anywhere in your home, specifically the fireplace mantel. I currently do not have a fireplace or mantel, so I’ve placed this on a spray painted (spray paint is my new favourite medium) mirror that I’ve stenciled with fallen leaves.

Materials needed:

  • tree branch/log
  • tealight candles
  • paddle drill bit 1 1/2 inch
  • fallen leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, gourds etc.


  1. Gently wash log
  2. Stabilise log (vice, between feet etc.)
  3. Drill must be fully charged, or use plug in drill (ensure BC hydro is paid)
  4. Make sure drillbit is inserted correctly (I only give these tips from experience)
  5. Mark where you want tea lights to sit
  6. Carefully start drilling holes at a steady pressure (only drill half an inch deep)
  7. Insert tealights
  8. Arrange on table/mantel as you see fit using chosen foliage and decor






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