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10 great upcycling projects for the office space

We’ve slipped into August, which means that back-to-school is just around the corner. And with school comes books, pencils and Post-it notes.

These are all some of my favourite things. Being a self-professed lover of stationery, I thrill at tins full of pencils, pens and bright pink erasers. The thing is, desks and offices can quickly become zones of clutter. In order to combat this potential mess, I’ve found 10 amazing upcycling projects to help keep offices and homework stations organized and attractive.

Oftentimes, containers for organizing small objects, such as tape, erasers or headphones, can be found in the recycling bin. Head to Tiny Paper Cloud to see what awesome organizing containers she found in her pantry!

Or what about those crates that are kicking around the garage? Mount them on the wall, as shown on Design Sponge, to create accessible and gorgeous organization.

Keeping with the antique theme, use vintage tins to organize your desktop, as described on Better Homes and Gardens.

Or if you prefer the shiny metallic look, grab some cans from the recycling bins and follow the tutorial on Sweet Paul Mag to make your own pencil and pen caddy.

Head out to the garden shed and grab some flower pots and gears, like Donna did on Funky Junk Interiors.

Keep your books, homework and letters from cluttering up your desktop by repurposing a dish drainer, as shown by Aimee on It’s Overflowing.

Or go vertical with your paper storage: upcycle a bird cage into a desktop organizer, as shown on Better Homes and Gardens.

Get the paperwork off the desktop and put it on the wall with this fabulous shutter wall organizer created by Jenna of SAS Interiors.

 This toolbox has found a new life as a portable homework station. This project by Lindsay of My Creative Days is a great way to have supplies on hand for any homework project.

And speaking of portable things, create this handy and out-of-the-way charging station with a lotion bottle. Ashley from Make it and Love it has the full tutorial here.

We are at our most productive when our spaces are clean and clutter-free. You’d be surprised at how many of the things you need to get organized are already waiting for you in your home, shed, or online!

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