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Canadian Women: Inspiring Green Actions

Happy International Women’s Day!

Canada is home to incredible women who set out to transform the world one plant, one person, one community at a time instead of leaving polluted footprints. The following women lead by example, inspiring the rest of us to lead a more sustainable life.

Tamara Barker Watson – Building Green Homes

In a male dominated industry, Tamara Barker Watson launched Whitestones Developments with her husband, determined to reform the nature of construction in Halifax. Within less than three years the higher initial costs of building a sustainable home with low-toxicity finishes, recycled material and power-saving technology can be paid back. At the 2013 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, she was presented with the TPH Sustainability Award.

Elizabeth May – Green Leadership

The leader of Canada’s Green Party since August 2006 and a Member of Parliament since May 2011, when it comes to Elizabeth May’s parliamentary duty, she puts it best herself; “Our goal is to ensure that the planet, the biosphere and our part of it, survive and thrive for our children and theirs and theirs.”

Kristina Groves – Olympic Speedskater and Sustainability Advocate

As a Calgarian and Olympic athlete, Kristina Groves was bound to lead a life characterized by large scale energy and fuel consumption. Instead, she chose to devote her time to the planet. She spoke at numerous schools about leading a more sustainable life as a Clean Air Champion and started the conversation with the community of Calgary. Kristina Groves now calls for action, pursuing the issue and a Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy Development with the same determination that previously led her to the Olympic podium.

Dr. Tima Bansal – Educating Businesses

Recognizing the important role of businesses in shaping societal norms and practices, Dr. Tima Bansal directs the Network for Business Sustainability and the Centre for Building Sustainable Value at the Ivy School of Business. She believes that “people in organizations everywhere care about the world. […] What’s different now than before is that they have a voice.” * She guides businesses in establishing practices that lead to socially, environmentally and economically sustainable growth with her research. For her work, she was honoured among Canada’s Clean50.

Ilana Labow – Urban Farmer

Tackling most of society’s problems at once, Illana Labow turned a Vancouver backyard into a garden, thereby starting what has become a collection of urban vegetable patches that provide a solution to pollution, a lack of environmental education and poor nutrition. Since then, Fresh Roots Urban Farm began partnerships with local elementary schools to develop hands-on education programs. Their initiatives connect the community, support urban farmers and demonstrate how other municipalities can green their cities.*

Nadia Chowdhury – Environmental Activist

Nadia Chowdhurry fights to conserve the planet, and with it cultures, civilization and human knowledge. She worked with agencies such as Greenpeace Canada and the Sierra Youth Coalition to raise awareness and educate children and adults alike about the dangers of climate change and the necessity for taking action. Her education in Environmental Studies clearly illustrated the extent of environmental destruction, pushing her to actively engage in communities and advocate change.

Green Bloggers

Digital resources allow people to speak up, to share their opinions and to collaborate to find strength in numbers. The following bloggers set an example by incorporating environmentally sustainable practices in their daily life and inspire readers to make similar changes.

What  women have inspired you to live a more sustainable life? Who has given you the best advice, we’d love to know.

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