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Olympic Memorabilia, The Best of

Mark you calendars, polish up your vintage Olympic glassware – don’t have any vintage Olympics glassware? oh believe us, you soon could  – and warm your windpipes ready for cheering, the 22nd winter Olympics will soon be upon us.

Sochi 2014 begins February 7, so especially for you, we’ve sourced the finest Olympics memorabilia on the sites.

If you’re looking for Olympics memorabilia, here are our top search tips:

  • The category Hobbies and Collectibles is the best place to search for Olympics memorabilia (and list if you’re selling)
  • Use our search function. We exclusively searched the words “Olympic” and “Olympics” but if you are looking for something specific, search the name of that item
  • Make the most of our alert function to receive an email when a new item is posted in a category
  • Use our map function if you’re not prepared to travel for an item
  • Do your research on price both if you’re buying or selling.

1926 Hockey Book of Champions Pictorial

Our oldest find was this 1926 extremely rare book. Listed on, the Hockey Book of Champions includes virtually every Stanley Cup Champion from 1893/94 through to 1924/25, Memorial Cup Champs, Olympics winners, Collegiate Champs, Allan Cup Champs, Pacific Coast Champs, Women’s hockey and more. Great find for the hockey fanatic.

Skating Barbie and Fire and Ice Barbie

Don’t ever let it be said that the items on our sites are not eclectic. First we bring you vintage sports books, then we throw in a couple of Barbies. is currently home to the 2002 winter Olympics Fire and Ice Barbie, whilst lists the 1988 Calgary Olympics Skating Barbie. For all you would-be Barbie collectors, don’t be ashamed. Our sites are completely anonymous!

Sochi 2014 Purse

A nice piece of memorabilia at a nice price. This Sochi 2014 purse is listed on for just $10 and it is perfect for slinging over your shoulder on Olympics party night.

Olympics Bobbleheads

We found more than one set of Olympics Bobbleheads. Nanaimo and Regina you will be pleased to know that you are the lucky cities that have them listed. These 2002 Bobble Dobbles on are Olympic team members, Brodeur, Lemieux, and Sakic. Regina yours too are 2002 team members, but this time Foote and Blake. Remember when bobbleheads were the coolest thing ever? Hard to believe the 1990s are now retro!

Kraft Jello Team Canada Sticker Set

Want an Olympic hockey memorabilia but can’t stand the thought of torturing your bobblehead dachshund with competition? These Olympic hockey stickers from 97/98 on should be framed!

Vintage Snowmobile

Just one glance at this vintage snowmobile can tell you it’s a 1970s’ design. As the seller on says, his loss is your gain. He even provided you with a photo of what your skidoo could look like were you to completely restore this piece. This is a real collector’s item. It’s not necessarily Olympics memorabilia as such but it’s too cool not to list. Do the right thing PEI, grab this while you can!

Royal Doulton 1984 Olympic Plates

There is a lot of Olympics memorabilia in Victoria! So many glasses you could open a bar and enough pins to build a pin house, but these 1984 Olympic plates are pretty special. Collectible and cool, put them on your wall in true 80s’ fashion. Only 1000 of these plates were made and they are in pristine condition; a small slice of history.

If you have Olympics memorabilia you wish to sell, now is the time as it’s topical and people are keen to buy. Do your research, price competitively and you should have a sale in no time.




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15 Responses to “Olympic Memorabilia, The Best of”

Mike Brennan

I have a one off bronze plaque that was presented as a gift to the London 2012 Olympic committee by the Israeli government as a gift to commemorate their participation in both the 2012 Olympics and paralympics. All countries gave these gifts. At the conclusion of the games, some staff were given raffle tickets that matched these gifts. I was lucky enough to win the above specially commissioned Israeli bronze gift. I am now movingoing, and need to downsize my belongings. I am thinking of auctioning the bronze. Do you have any contacts that may be interested?
Mike Brennan


    Amber R Bosma

    Hi Mike, our advice would be to put a listing on your local site at the highest price you would be willing to take and negotiate from there. Good luck with the move! Amber


I have 4 stemmed Petro Canada 22 carat from the Calgary 1988 Olympic Games in original box.


Ian Akers

Set of 6 montreal lager glasses


Sherry Rebardo

I have a 1984 Commemorative Olympic issues,Golden Moments,dedicated to Jim Thorpe, also includes his stamp,postal stamps envelopes these are all in the original coverings very well preserved contact me if you’d. Like pics


Warren Weatherby

Hello I have a 1976 Montreal Olympic sword. Wondering if any interest in it ? Heard they are hard to come by ?



I have an original player tank from the 1988 Calgary Olympics Jamaican Bobsled team. Would this be the best place to auction this item and what % do you take ?


Stephen kellenbach

I have rare 1956 rare set of 40 BRYMay redhead matches Olympic games melbourne 1956 games is anyone interested


Anne Ryan

I have a 1980 Olympic Games collector’s edition (1984 release). Do you know of anyone looking for this 7 piece set in velvet case?



    Post it for sale on the closest city site or use try posting from the app!

Alaudin Cerimovic

I have a 1984 Sarajevo winter Olympic leather gloves with the emblem on it made from novahide … I’ve tried to see if any other gloves were out there no non I’m wondering what are they worth



    Hey Alaudin! Your gloves sound super interesting, but you’re right, I don’t seem to be able to find anything comparable on our site, or anywhere else on the internet in all honesty! What I did fine, however, was some different websites that will appraise items for you if you’re unsure of their worth! I would check out the Google results for “memorabilia appraisal” as it will give you any local options near you as well as other online appraisers! Good luck with your item and have a great day! – Jess at

Bob Hansen

I would like to know the value of 1988 winter Olympic’s torch. Being it’s the proto type before production.


Bob Hansen

I have the original prototype of 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games torch.
Might be time to sell.
Any idea where to have it appraised?
Would really appreciate some guidance.



    Hi Bob! Sorry for the delay on our reply! I have checked around and can’t seem to find anywhere locally that does appraisals for items such as your’s. However, I did find an online service at that may be of use to you! Hope that helps!

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