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Weird and Wacky – January

It doesn’t matter if you came to your local site looking for pets, furniture or sanity, we’ve got it all! Take a look at January’s weirdest and wackiest posts from across Canada.

Pets: Found Brown Cat and Special Needs Goldfish

Dogs as pets are too mainstream for you? We came across two, well actually three, companions on This cute “cat,” with a unique tail and attitude, lost its owner and could use some love. Giving up your bathroom to house a hissing and biting animal may not meet your expectations of a great pet. Then how about some slightly impaired goldfish? Sadly, the current owner forgot to provide an image but these two seem like a great alternative to hissing rats, especially because they would never survive in the wild.

Refurnish Your Bedroom: Bedroom SuiteCeiling Fan and Someone to Watch Over You

Has the old furniture in your bedroom become a little outdated? Don’t fret, we found you a new bedroom suite and matching ceiling fan, but they’re also a little older.

The seller of the Ceiling Fan put it best: “Prepare to have your mind blown: the eighties happened THIRTY years ago. Stop. Let it sink in. THIRTY years ago. Let’s put that in perspective: that is TWICE the life span of an average marmot and enough time to individually hard boil almost TWO MILLION eggs. Crazy right?” So you see, something that old is already considered antique and will only increase in value!

The bedroom suite, found on, works quite well with the fan. Equipped with built-in headphones, lamps, a radio and an 8 track player, this suite is most definitely made for lovers.

And for the corner, we suggest the perfect addition: A 6’4” tall Standup Star Trek Riker. He’s currently hanging out in PEI and looking for someone to protect!


Health: Feelings, Healing and EnLIGHTenment

Have you lately felt a little out of sync or feeling, well… how to describe that feeling… confused? These tools should get you back on track and living an enlightened life in no time. If you have trouble putting a label on your feeling, you should consult the Feeling Cards, found on

So now that you can put a name to it, how do you feel? Withdrawn, rejected or hopeless? Well. Don’t worry! Just hop on over to for cards with magic healing powers. These Healing Cards are so great that they don’t even need a description.

So, after understanding your feelings and healing them, you’d like to attain enlightenment? We don’t know about the price tag of enLIGHTenment but this Buddha light bulb, with a glowing effigy of Buddha on the inside, found on can get you there really quickly. How many people does it take to screw an enlightened lightbulb into a socket? We’d be interested to hear, could you let us know, please?


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