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Weird and Wacky – February Fort Edition

With rain, snow, and early morning Olympic alarm clocks convincing us to stay indoors this month, get on your local site to make inside days a little more adventurous.

Comfortable Building Materials

Is anyone else feeling the need to crawl inside this mountain of pillows? A furniture recycler on has a surplus of big comfy cushions perfect for fort construction. It wouldn’t be the first one we’ve built as an adult, but definitely the most comfortable.

Interior Decoration

Interior fort decoration is challenging due to low natural light, and lack of structurally sound walls. Form meets function with the hanging snowshoe clock lamp. Using the same technology to walk atop deep snow, this all-in-one is light enough to hang upon a pillow wall.

You Never Know When She Might Come Visit

As our head of state, the Queen’s portrait adorns the walls of embassies, city halls, and libraries. What makes a fort more official than a watercolour of her majesty? This stunning one off painting would turn any pillow fort into a pillow castle.

Noble Subjects of the Castle

Dragons, knights, and queens aside, no castle or royal court would be complete without a smoking wizard. Always have a wizard to insure against your fort collapsing from any mysterious magic powers…such as gravity.

A good host should also be mindful of their guests and respect the fact that the majority of people are terrified of clowns. In place of a jester we decided to sub in this bubble blowing monkey from Keep your subjects entertained with its slightly less horrifying electric light up eyes.


Castles aren’t cheap, but luckily the savings from plundering a local site will keep your vault full…of silver bars! Found on these silver bars aren’t easy to make change with, so why not melt them down and mint your fort’s very own currency?

And just for effect how about a rare seraphinite crystal skull? Perfect for the dungeon, or reenacting Hamlet.

Of course with all these riches security is paramount. Protect yourself from barbarians, looters, cuts, and scrapes with a shirt made of chain-mail from


The Finishing Touch

Ruling over a fort is tiresome work; heavy is the head that wears the crown. Rest your feet on a hand carved throne from which the seller most eloquently describes as: “A chair that is a foot .”

Create your own castle and kingdom with a little imagination and your local site.


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Originating from Roberts Creek B.C. Harrison Kamermans can be found scavenging the free section of

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