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Vintage Cars: The Best of Our Vintage Rides

Vintage cars are rad, they’re off the wall, and they’re totally wicked and awesome. Are you a vintage car buff? People go to car shows and to special events, and sometimes you will be lucky enough to see a nice vintage car being driven around on a hot summer day, top down, and windows open. Now that we’re all drooling, let’s take a look at some of the best vintage cars that people are selling on UsedEverywhere websites across Canada this month.

Just a heads up, like we always say, cars go quickly on our sites, so please don’t be disappointed if the listing has already sold, there are lots more out there for you.

Click on the title of each car to go through to the ad details.

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1957 MG MGA Roadster

Are you ready to get out on the open road, with the wind flowing through your hair, and with all that other stuff that happens when you are out on the open road? Me too! That’s what I feel like when I see the 1957 MG MGA Roadster, pictured on It’s a colour that’s not robin’s egg blue, and it’s not quite a sea blue, but it’s amazing. I especially love the white on the tires.

1937 Buick Limited Series 90 Limo

Okay, so not everyone would be inclined to buy a limo. The thing about the 1937 Buick Series 90 Limo, posted on, is that it doesn’t really look like a typical limo. It was once used to carry families around after the hearse, at funerals, so it kind of has an edgy appeal. The inside is rockin’- you must check out the interior picture.

1948 Ford Coupe

The 1948 Ford Coupe makes me want to run down the street, hop in an old car, and take off to a drive-in movie theatre. Once I arrive, I will ask for a strawberry milkshake and an order of thick-cut French fries. This car is too cool for school, and probably even too cool for post-secondary school. The seller has posted tons of specs on for your reference.

1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL

In 1970, I wasn’t even alive. But, I do know one or two things for sure: I know that I love this car and I know that I have seen it driving in at least 7 different movies. I’m not totally surprised by the asking price of this gem because it’s an absolute beauty. I think anyone who is seriously looking at it would definitely agree. Check it out on

1947 Oldsmobile Country Club

You can tell this car has been well taken care of. For someone who is into true “old school”, this car is for sure the way to buy. The original Oldsmobile Country Club is a super-looking car, but the owner of this one has clearly made it special with a ton of unique features. See for all the details.

1937 Ford Tutor Flatback

Is refurbishing vintage vehicles a past-time of yours? If yes, then this 1937 Ford Tutor Flatback truck on is probably exactly what you need to get your hands on. At a reasonable price for how far along it is, this truck is an excellent addition to any collection.

Now that I’ve got you going gaga over used cars, jump to a UsedEverywhere website in your area, and find out what’s available. Have a good time refurbishing, or simply show your new car off at the soonest car show. Having a vintage car can be a lot of good quality fun!

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