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Vintage Kitchen Furniture

Vintage kitchen furniture is beautiful in so many more ways than one: vintage furniture has history, it has character, and it has a sense of intrigue about it that brand new, store-bought furniture is simply lacking for the most part. If you’re thinking of cracking the whip on your kitchen décor and setting yourself up with some “new” kitchen ambiance, then do yourself a favour and check out some of the awesome vintage kitchen furniture that’s featured in this article.

If you want to find vintage kitchen furniture on our sites, then simply search vintage from the homepage of the Household category. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then search that term, for example; vintage dresser, vintage scales, vintage lamps, vintage signs. Often though, a more generic search will find you gems you might not see otherwise.

Vintage Kitchen Table Sets

One of the best things you can do for your kitchen, whether your kitchen is new or aged, modern or old-school, is to buy yourself some high-quality vintage kitchen furniture (you know… the good stuff). Some used vintage is more expensive to buy than it would be to buy a brand new kitchen table and chairs, but there’s good reason for that. Check out this teak table set, for example. It’s straight out of the ‘60’s, décor fabulous, and apparently signed by its designer. This retro Danish set is to die for (not real death, of course). has one of my next favourite vintage sets.  Seriously, buy your kitchen table set from the 1960’s and you’ll never go wrong. With high quality wood as the foundation, your table and chairs will last you a lifetime. Not only is the set stylish and, somehow, ultra-modern with the way the chairs fit perfectly into the grooves in the table, but the structural integrity of this piece is amazing. Can we say, groovy baby? Just did.

Vintage Chairs

Okay, it’s time to get a little bit warm and fuzzy. What will go better with your teak vintage table set than a solid wood vintage Winnie the Pooh high chair from Nothing will go better; except maybe the addition of a baby. One important thing to keep in mind when you’re buying anything vintage for a baby is to be sure that the piece is safe. Safety standards have definitely made some advancement since the ‘60’s.

Vintage Kitchen Appliances

Vintage kitchen appliances, although sometimes harder on the electricity bill, are tons of fun to have as a part of a vintage kitchen theme. With vintage appliances, a person can even get away with having an entire kitchen done in a modern style, and then have the fridge, for example, be retro. Drawing attention to that one element in the room can actually be a good thing. Have you always wanted a bar fridge? Check out for this perfect vintage Pepsi-Cola bar fridge!

The fact of the matter is that vintage kitchen furniture is usually made of higher quality materials than the stuff we can buy in stores, now. This is part of the reason why vintage furniture can be pricey. Keep your eye on our sites to bag a bargain, because they come up time and time again. Remember we have an alert service you can use too that will email you when something is listed on our site.

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Teak dining set:
Bar Fridge:
Round Dining Set:—Denmark-c-1953_20561062
Winnie the Pooh chair:–WINNIE-THE-POOH-HIGH-CHAIR_19527056



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