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Valentine’s is all about those three special words. . . breakfast in bed!

Okay moms…picture this: you wake up on the morning of February 12th (Valentine’s is unfortunately on a Tuesday this year, so Sunday morning makes a heck of a lot more sense) to the smell of freshly brewed coffee instead of freshly brewed diapers!  The loud sounds are strangely coming from the kitchen rather than the kids’ room.  Suddenly your partner bursts into the bedroom with the most amazing breakfast you have ever seen, served to you on a platter with love.

You’re thinking, “Boy, that sounds like such a nice dream,” but NO, this is not a dream!  This CAN be your reality this year with a few subtle hints e.g., emailing your partner this post or maybe printing it off and subtley leaving it on his pillow the day before. Okay, so it’s not very subtle, but do you want the romantic breakfast in bed or not?

Plus, I found the most amazing recipe that is an absolute a no-brainer. Trust me, your partner can easily prepare this breakfast even if he’s the kind of guy that only cooks when it involves using the BBQ. I actually think I saw God when I took my first bite of this…probably the best breakfast I have ever eaten. And again, soooooo easy to make, but it looks and tastes like you actually drove to a restaurant, purchased it and tried to pawn it off as your own.

Baked banana french toast (Courtesy of Thank you!!!)

1 small loaf french bread
4 eggs
3/4 cup whipped cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 large banana
6 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 tablespoon butter
Powdered sugar
Maple syrup

This is really all you need to make the perfect breakfast!

 Here’s how to make it:

Cut the french bread into 1/2 inch slices

 Whisk together the milk, cream, eggs, sugar, cinnomen and vanilla

 Dip the pieces of bread in the egg mixture and place in a greased ovenproof dish

Cut up the banana into slices, dip the slices in the egg mixture and then coat them with 2 tbsps of brown sugar

Place 2 banana slices between each slice of bread. Then combine 4 tbsps of brown sugar and 1 tbsp of melted butter and sprinkle over entire dish. Place in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut up some fresh strawberries and place in a small dish

Fresh squeeze some orange juice and pour into a champagne flute and you’re all done!

Once the french bread is done, pour syrup or maple sugar over it and lightly dust it with powdered sugar. Finally, combine everything you’ve made plus a fresh cup of coffee onto a serving plate and serve it to the one you love! And I’m an equal opportunist so if you ladies feel like your man deserves this treat, why not surprise him this Sunday! Just remember to also make yourself a plate as you really don’t want to miss out on this dish. I seriously now know what heaven tastes like!  Actually, I’m planning on making it again for dinner tonight just to give myself an early Valentine’s Day gift!


Coupon tip of the week:  I’ve mentioned before that flowers are atrociously expensive right before Valentine’s Day which is why I never ask my husband to buy them for me for Valentine’s Day.  So why not give a different kind of bouquet this year….like a chocolate bar bouquet.  Simply go to the dollar store and get 8 chocolate bars, a small vase, a bag of glass marbles and some wooden skewers.  Tape a skewer to the back of the chocolate bars and then arrange them like flowers in the vase (the glass marbles help hold the bars in place in the vase).  This will cost you less than $10 and tastes much better than roses!

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2 Responses to “Valentine’s is all about those three special words. . . breakfast in bed!”


Carly, this is amazing, it looks so pro… you’re not hiding the original packaging in the garbage are you!? Seriously, it look so delicious!


Carly Russell-Huntley

Thanks so much. I know….I couldn’t believe it myself when I finished….and it’s seriously too easy to make! Best breakfast I’ve ever had!


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