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Used furniture: transforming old mirrors

Are you ready to get out some of those creative juices? If you have no creative juices left in you, then maybe you’re ready to drink some creative juice. This article is your DIY creative juice, and it’s ready to drink! Now, what to do with those old mirrors… You may have found an awesome mirror, recently, on a UsedEverywhere site. People are always selling their used furniture and mirrors online for cheap, so there is no need for you to go out to the store and spend too much money. Read ahead to learn about how to turn a shabby mirror you’ve found, into something beautiful!

For a Mirror DIY, check out fellow blogger, Robyn’s, Covered Mirror Post.

Bedazzled frame, chalkboard, and shelving unit

People are so creative! When I was searching online for pictures for this post, I came across an awesome tutorial on WikiHow that shows exactly how to add old costume jewelry to a mirror frame for a funky-looking mirror. It’s a pretty bold design move, but this style of mirror would be perfect for a girl’s room or for a fashion wardrobe.

Have you fallen in love with chalkboard paint? It may be a new fad, but I don’t care. Chalkboard paint is awesome, and it’s so versatile! On this cute mommy blog, The Sunny Side of Life, the author shares another great way to use chalkboard paint: you guessed it- painted over a drab mirror. Drab to fab? Yes, please!

If you’re into a little more hammering and painting, then check out this MSN Living instructional piece on how to put together a wood box and an old mirror frame, and then turn it into a functional shelving unit. Add a splash of paint and you can match your new shelving with any décor.

So many frame options

Have you found a great mirror and you don’t like the frame? No problem! Frames can be ugly, and thankfully they can also be made gorgeous quickly! You don’t need to spend hours making your mirror fabulous, just read and be inspired by an online tutorial, like this one for the Rope Mirror by Completely Coastal, or this one for the Spoon Mirror by Country Living.

Old door frame into a sweet mirror

Okay, all you hard workers: want a bit of a challenge? Why not turn your door into a mirror? You heard it! Doors can be turned into mirror. Yes, I thought that was a joke, too. Seriously, though – I love the idea for this. Take an old door that already has windows, and voila! Well, almost. There are a few more steps, so it would probably be a good idea to read thoroughly before beginning your door-to-mirror escapade! For a detailed tutorial, see Lilikoi Joy’s blog post to begin.

Take the glass away

Instead of throwing away an old mirror, after the glass is chipped or no longer looking nice, you can simply remove the glass from the frame (carefully, of course), and then decorate the frame as you desire. There are no rules with this, so go a little crazy with your DIY frame project and see what you can come up with!

As you can see, old and cheap mirrors can be a lot of fun. If you can get into the DIY spirit, then you will find yourself saving tons of money on home décor and you will end up with the most unique used furniture around. Get together with a friend and DIY all over the place!

How to find mirrors on the sites?

You can run a simple search from the homepage of your local site; ‘mirror’ as a search term should suffice.

Also head to the household category > accessories or household category > furniture. You can run search in each of these individual categories.

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