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Used Furniture: Transforming Kitchen Tables

Old kitchen tables can be such a pain to look at, to move, and to think about getting rid of. Do not be worried any longer. This article is here to show you just how you can transform your old kitchen table, or find a used kitchen table online and make it into something ultra-chic for your home. Be sure to check out the links to the tutorials because they are super inspiring and should help you along on your DIY kitchen table journey.

Paint It

Say what? You can paint something ugly and it will turn into something beautiful? Pretty well that’s all, yes. Don’t be discouraged if you have an old and hideous kitchen table; just give it some paint love and see what happens! The Frugal Girl has an excellent article called “How to Paint Wooden Furniture.” As you might guess by the title of this website, the article gives some great pointers on how to save some money when you are painting your furniture.

Turn a Round Table Into a Square Table

Do you measure things well? Turning a round table into a square table takes a little bit of skill. If you don’t know how to hold a ruler, then ask a friend to help (preferably a friend who knows how to hold a ruler). Honestly, you’d better read this eHow article so that you get all the detail you need. Either way, a fresh new kitchen might be as simple as a new table shape!

Turn a Smaller Table into a Kitchen Island

There are a couple ways you could tackle this project. The first way is to transform a perfectly sized table into an island by moving the small table into the middle of the kitchen. The second way, which requires some elbow grease and a saw, is to make a big table into a small table and then move it into the kitchen. I vote for the first idea because I don’t handle a saw very well. To turn a table into a kitchen island, check out this HGTV article.

Turn a Kitchen Table in to a Desk

If you work at home, like I do, then you may have, at one point, used the kitchen table as a home office. It’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, and gets messy quickly, but if it’s all you have, then you make it work. I read this article about how to create a desk from a kitchen table, and it kind of blew my mind. Some simple hints from Apartment Therapy are here to save the day (and my business budget- thank you very much!).

Save the Space: Put it Outside

Seriously, your table is too ugly to refurbish? Why not just put it outside and call it a day. There is nothing wrong with turning your disaster furniture into a hip patio accessory. People will love sitting outside so much that they won’t even notice how ugly your kitchen table really is. Best tip ever? You’re welcome!

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