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Used Engagement Rings. Yes or No?

We’ve been shocked in the past at the amount of engagement rings we have on our sites. We have our fair share of wedding rings too and even a couple of ads that list a buy one, get one free option. Talk about washing that man right out of your hair!

So where do you stand? Are you superstitious and think buying a used engagement ring is bad luck? Or do you think that if the ring is the style you’re looking for and a good price, then it shouldn’t make a difference to a strong relationship?

HQ is divided, some of us are fine with used engagement rings because we like a bargain, others think buying used is tacky and that an engagement ring ought to be special and new to the recipient; kind of a matter of principle.


So what’s the consensus with our users? Has anyone ever received a used engagement ring? Maybe you’ve sold one. Or even bought one and not told your fiance it was secondhand.

What about antiques? Still not an option?

If you’re looking to list or sell, the best place to do this is in the category Clothing & Accessories>Accessories>Jewelry. Most of the rings on our site sell at around half the new price.

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3 Responses to “Used Engagement Rings. Yes or No?”

Brooke Takhar

Hmmm – in my head (full of rabid squirrels and bubble gum), there is a HUGE difference between a “used” ring and a “vintage” ring. One is someone else’s failure; the other is cool and coveted because it’s old. Ultimately there are lots of ways to save money when planning a wedding (DIY that sh1t, Pinterest, low-key, get creative) but skimping on the engagement ring is not one of them. Most jewelery stores have payment plans. Get your gal a new beautiful ring within a reasonable price range. Because she WILL be asked where the ring came from and she shouldn’t be embarassed to answer.


    Amber R Bosma

    I disagree, if you see a ring you like and then you find it or something similar used for half price, I say snap it up. Soak it in some salt water whilst it sits in moonlight – yup closet hippy over here – and release that bad mojo and then slip it on. When the people ask “where did you get it” say “I have no idea, but isn’t it gorgeous.” Though I wouldn’t be embarrassed to tell people I got it used. That’s their problem if they want to judge, not mine. It’s your relationship that speaks volumes about your relationship, nothing else. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got etc etc.


I agree with Amber, only because i’m all about bargains with an emphasis on bargains. However if it’s only gonna save me a few bucks then I would just fork out the extra cash for a new ring to preserve my sanity.


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