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Transform your rooms on the cheap

I’m one of those people who love to rearrange furniture constantly and do room makeovers. I even collect paint decks. My friends sometimes call me Martha Stewart but trust me, I am way too lazy to be Martha Stewart. I also don’t have Martha’s deep pockets, and updating your rooms can be expensive – especially if you’re addicted to it. But I’ve found out that (as usual), if you approach it from the environmental route, you can renovate without spending huge amounts of money in the process.

Fresh from the Ottawa Home Renovations Show, I thought I’d share the latest renovation in my house: turning the sunroom into an office. The goal was to spend as little money as possible but still achieve a complete transformation of this room. Using freecycled items, things we already owned, and even curbside finds, this room got a major update for cheap and it was super environmentally friendly because we reused old things instead of buying new. Even the flooring was free!

Sunroom - Before RenovationThe sunroom before. The early 80s linoleum felt permanently sticky and this room was unused except to kill the occasional plant in.


Sunroom - After RenovationThe sunroom after. This room is so bright and warm, perfect for an office. The house got a significant upgrade and this room now gets regular use.

How cheap was this renovation? Well, except for shelling out for paint, new blinds, and a laminate flooring installation kit, everything else was either something we already owned or something we scored for free. This room has gone from complete disuse to being my favourite room in the house!

Check out the source list:

laminate flooring (free on
mini chandeliers (already owned)
couch (free on
retro TV (free on
chair (found on a curb)
retro radio (already owned)
plant stand (already owned)
desk (already owned)
houseplants (free from Ottawa Plantcycle)
blinds (purchased from Ikea)

Saving the planet is a nice side benefit to going green, but I have to admit I'm in it for the money. Why pay more for new when used is better?

3 Responses to “Transform your rooms on the cheap”


Wow–what a fantastic transformation! It looks like such a cozy place to relax now. I love the wall colour, and the laminate warms up the whole space. Nice job =)


Lisa Higgs

Thanks, Katie! I love hanging out in this room now – it’s so warm and bright even in the winter. And of course the cats love it, too. The paint colour is even richer in person, it’s less vibrant but is a warm natural green – it makes me feel like I’m in a treehouse. 🙂



Oh great its really good combination, i like color combination, wall furnishing.

Is their any addition wall color in this room . Its really awesome it give me lot of relaxation .

Even natural look , good color combination, good furniture is used. Most importantly armchair is so comfortable.


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