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Top searches of 2016

Top searches 2016

The theme this year is: you can’t teach an old country new tricks. Users are searching sites across Canada for some pretty standard and consistent items for home and outdoor use. Maybe there is some reassurance in that though…after a somewhat odd 2016, holding steady might not be so bad. Think about it: our neighbours below us elected a new head-honcho who makes us think that the Real Estate and Job categories of sites will soar in even greater popularity come January 20. We lost some musical legends whose absence has made the world a less colourful and shiny place. We have become more connected and increasingly more complex…hang on, we are getting too deep…like our top 2016 searches, let’s keep it simple.

Here they are from coast-to-coast:

The top 10 most searched for items in Canada

10. iPhone
9. Couch
8. Kayak
7. Teak
6. Desk
5. Firewood
4. Jeep
3. BMW
2. Dresser

2015 top search: IKEA

The top 10 regional searches for 2016 


Let it snow PEI cause your little red island is ready for the white stuff! Snowblower ranks in at both the third and fifth top search this year; and we are sure you can cruise the snowy island streets in a F150, tractor or van, too!

10. Tires
9. Dirt bike
8. Boat
7. Van
6. Mower
5. Snow blower (with a space)
4. Tractor
3. Snowblower (no space)
2. F150
1. Pellet stove

2015 top search: Yarn


Ottawa we like your style. You have the most diverse list of top searches for 2016 and from teak, to tools, to four wheels you are making the most of! Be sure to watch out for the username “littlepotato” because you may be heading to Sussex Drive for that ministerial chic teak.

10. IKEA
9. Flea market
8. Snow blower
7. Mini Cooper
6. Stroller
4. Mountain bike
3. Ryobi
2. Dewalt
1. Teak

2015 top search: Nissan Skyline


Last year Regina, you were a little on the dull side with file cabinet taking the top spot. Things haven’t changed drastically this year, but it’s nice to see you are peppering a few leisurely activities into your lives. Keep it up in 2017!

10. iPhone
9. Acreage
8. Golf cart
7. Dresser
6. BMW
5. Sofa
4. PS4
3. BBQ
2. File cabinet
1. Canon

2015 top search: File cabinet


Head north on Vancouver Island and you will find a winter wonderland where Islanders take outdoor fun seriously. Tents, boats, snowboards and vehicles top the list of searches for 2016. With only one indoor item being a couch it’s plain to see that the people of Courtenay-Comox value a little R & R at the end of the day!

10. Aluminum boat
9. Tractor
8. Tacoma
7. Boat trailer
6. BMW
5. Snowboard
4. Couch
3. Boats
2. Trailer
1. Tent trailer

2015 top search: Aluminum


It’s hard to look past the coconut, chocolatey goodness of the city’s token dessert, but if you do, you will find that Nanaimoites are adventuring outdoors by day and searching by night. With seven out of ten of the top searches being vehicles we admire your drive to think used first!

10. Dodge Diesel
9. Tracker
8. Horse Trailer
7. Guitar
6. Mustang
5. Jeep
4. Honda
3. Watch
2. Planer
1. Tonneau

2015 top search: Mustang


This is a new entry to our top searches list but we wanted to showcase the Cowichan Valley because it seems like a great place to sit. Recliners, chair and bar stools top the most popular searches and while we are looking it seems clear that leisure activities are the name of the game!

10. Bunk
9. Camper
8. Eliptical
7. Dodge
6. Firewood
5. Wetsuits
4. Bar stools
3. Piano organ
2. Chair
1. Recliner

2015 top search: Guitar


Yawwwwnnnnn…Victoria! We admire your loyalty but IKEA again; come on! We do have to tip our hats to your cunning, however. Getting someone else to ferry over to Vancouver, purchase and assemble IKEA’s frustrating furniture before you re-purchase it on the island is a solid plan. Let’s try to think outside the box (pun intended) in 2017 and aim for a new top search.

10. Civic (Honda)
9. Nikon
8. Couch
7. BMW
6. Teak
5. Mustang
4. Chair
3. Lego
2. Jeep

2015 top search: IKEA

Head to your local to start searching and stay tuned for our monthly round-ups of what to sell to find out how to earn the most money for a prosperous 2017!

Happy buying, selling and trading, Canada!


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Don Barthel

Well, Used is known as the largest source of *pre-assembled* IKEA furniture… 😉



Interesting to see different areas search for different items. is a great way to sell surplus stuff.


Jim Lambrick

I have had the feature ad on Building Materials for Used Victoria and everywhere else on the island now for almost 10 years. Has been very good for getting my products out to customers. Win… win and everything 100% LOCAL
I highly recommend as the best way to sell anything you got that is surplus.



Beats using craigslist.


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