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Top Ten Things To Do With Our Video Camera

Earlier this week we called out to our users (that’s you). We told you that we had recently acquired a video camera, and that we wanted you to tell us what to do with it. Thank you again readers for not letting us down. We had some really great feedback come in over Twitter and Facebook, and have organized some of our favorite ideas into the Top Ten list below. If you sent in an idea, then check below to see if it was posted, and if you didn’t, we would love to hear which ideas you like the most. Without further adieu, the Used.cacommunity’s Top Ten Things To Do With Our Video Camera:

10) Record the Process of Buying and Selling
One user suggested video taping someone going through the motions of buying or selling something on Starting with the computer, we would film someone buying an item, for example, and then video recording that person driving to the seller’s location and purchasing it.
9) Home Shopping Channel
Another user requested a live video stream of items from the site. You could send us videos of your items, and we could feature them in our feed for the world to see.
8) “Check out this item I’m selling”
We had a couple of people suggest that we post user submitted videos of their items for a little bit of additional advertising exposure. Videos are obviously a much richer medium than pictures, and featuring items using video would allow for a greater communication of some items that need more than a picture and text to do the explaining.
7) Live Top Ten
Usually our Top Ten lists highlight some of the more interesting items that can be found on the sites across Canada. What if the Top Ten was no longer in written form, but was shot live from our office. Compelling?
6) Video Interviews
Would you want to watch someone talking about their experiences buying and selling online? The entertainment factor of this idea would most likely depend on who was being interviewed, but we liked the idea of getting together with people in our community and giving them a megaphone to speak their mind into.
5) “Check out this stuff I got”
Another idea was to feature items that were bought online. The great thing about this is that we would be able to dig up some quirky gems for your viewing pleasure. Do you have something ridiculous you bought on the site that you’d like to share?
4) User Submitted Commercials
Have you seen the cheesy video ads that we posted last week? One user wanted to be able to create their own farcical commercial and have it hosted online. We love it!
3) Putting Tournament
Let us know if you’re interested in seeing who has the best short game in the office. We recently launched a UStream live video feed of our office. Take note of the faux putting green on the floor and place your bets on your favorite employee.
2) Reality TV Show, “The Office” Style
Wanna see the staff at UsedEverywhere make a sad acting attempt? One user suggested that we film short drama-filled episodes of life in “The Office.” Complete with romance, motivational speeches, and the promotion of synergy.
1) Video Tutorials
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our written tutorials on how to use this site more effectively. Then, tell us whether or not you’d like to see similar tutorials in video form. We would guide you through a particular process on by filming it on our computer screen. Nifty, right?
Thanks so much for your ideas and have a great weekend!

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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