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Top Ten Tech Toys for Christmas 2011


In case you haven’t heard, the gift giving season is upon us! People are singing in the streets, sharing holiday cheer, and the malls are packed. While Santa may be doing his best to bring your family the latest iPhone, tablet, or 3D HDTV this year, what does that leave you to get for the tech toy lover on your list? Well, here’s a top ten list of awesome gifts that for all those deserving people on your “Nice” list. And the best part is, they’re most likely not on any other top ten list you can find! Which means you won’t have to worry about any of these being sold out any time soon!

The USB Mini Fridge

There is little doubt of at least one member of your family being required to sit in front of a computer all day long. One of the worst mishaps to occur at a computer station (regardless of whether you’re on a Mac or a PC), is the warm drink phenomena.The hard truth is that every minute of the day, someone’s drink stops being the refreshing cold beverage they once enjoyed, turning into a lukewarm mess of fizz and syrup. Don’t let this epidemic harm your loved ones. Help keep their drink cold with the USB Mini Fridge!

USB AA Batteries

USBs are more than just awesome bits of memory to carry around your baby pics wherever you may go. They’re also a source of power! Harness this energy in the form of AA batteries to keep your favourite technology going strong. Your TV remotes will love you! And so will mother earth, as not only are they reusable, but energy efficient to boot!

Coffee Cup Power Inverter

There’s a reason why your car has two coffee cup holders in the front. One to hold your coffee, and another to hold your coffee cup shaped power bar! Not only can you keep your laptop and printer powered up in your remote office, but hey, you can recharge those USB AA Batteries too! It also saves you from having to purchase a car charger every time yo change your SmartPhone!

Hidden USB Drives

This is a cool gadget that even 007 would be proud of! Hide your important files, such as tax information and baby photos, in unassuming objects that can be hidden in plain sight. These neat memory drives come in all shapes, from children’s toys to cubic zirconia encrusted jewellery! You name the object, there’s probably a USB embedded version out there. You can even find them in watches for your Bond, James Bond enthusiast.

Sound Blaster Wireless System – For iTunes with Receiver

If you’re like me, you have an expensive iTunes account, but no iCapable technology to play it with other than the desktop computer you download from. There are countless moments where I would love to listen to my play list while I’ve stepped away from the computer, like answering the front door, or taking that recommended 15 minute break from my computer every few hours. With this Sound Blaster, you can listen to your iTunes in any room of your house, by simply hooking up the wireless receiver to any stereo system or power speakers you may have lying around. Every room in your home can now be equipped to belt out your desktop tunes, without having to carry that heavy desktop around with you!

Duracell USB charger

I have one of these babies in my purse, and it’s on my to-do list to pick another one up! Like the USB AA Batteries above, this Duracell-branded box is also a power source — a portable one that can connect to any device that is charged by USB. I use my current one for my SmartPhone while I’m on the go. My phone eats energy like I eat chocolate, and I always need an extra boost by mid-day, when I’m usually running errands in the downtown core. So with this bad-boy, I can plug my phone in to charge, and still play Angry Birds while I wait for my next bus!

Tech Wear

Air guitar at it’s finest! You may have seen commercials for this stuff recently, as it’s a brand new item just in time for gift giving! Clothing that doubles as a musical instrument is too cool to pass up! Everyone in my household is getting one in their stocking this year. I’m not sure if these Tees are dry-cleaning only, but it’s an easy price to pay for the ability to rock on to the impromptu sing-a-longs of Jingle Bells and Silent Night.

Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone

Quite possibly the one major issue with an iPhone is now addressed with an add-on. One of the most griped about problems with the iPhone is the lack of a stable QWERTY keyboard. And nothing says stable like a physical keyboard that your thumbs can maneuver with ease. Worry no more about your virtual keyboard keeping up with your awesome speed, as this bluetoothed keyboard case won’t even break a sweat.

The Projector/Virtual Keyboard

Hmm… could there really be two keyboards in a row on this list? In this day in age, communication is key, and there are a lot of keys on a QWERTY to get your message out there. This handy device can make a keyboard for you, wherever you may be! Imagine typing out the next War and Peaceon a virtual keyboard, while sitting at a Starbucks. The other patrons will be envious when they see you randomly tapping away right on the table top. A projector keyboard is also not exposed to the same wear-n-tear that you’d find on a regular desktop keyboard, which means your “J” key will never be MIA again! While virtual may be difficult to keep up with on a small iPhone screen with thumb-typing, it’s an awesome device for creating larger boards on the fly.

The Blackberry / Android Enhanced InPulse Watch

We’ve counted down through power supplies, keyboards, musical and spy-wear tech sure to please at least some of the toy lovers on your list. But what the heck is an InPulse Watch, and why is it at #1?? Essentially it’s a SmartWatch for your SmartPhone. For starters, it can sync to any Blackberry and most Android devices. Meaning that you can casually check your emails while in a meeting. Co-workers can’t stand it when their presentations are ignored for email checking or BBMs, but can’t stop you from checking the “time”! It even has call display, so you don’t have to worry about developing tendonitis from repeatedly pulling your phone out of your back pocket to see whose calling. The best part? It can tell time too!So there you have it! Ten very cool, unusual tech toys to give this season. And if you wait until a few months after Christmas, once everything’s been played with, you just may be able to pick up some of these items second-hand for yourself!


Aeryn Lynne is a creative consultant for PaperSweets, where any and all crafty projects are tackled. Her other day job is to blog and review about her favourite topics: technology, plus-size fashion, and local events, on Habitué (

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Very cool! I love the USBs


Multi-Testing Mommy

I remember being in grade 8 and my teacher making a joke that when we were older they will have invented phones that you carry around on your wrist haha!



Love the tech wear, now that is fun!



These are great! I’m going to look for some of these


Deanna T.

Awesome list. Thanks!
Hello Kitty USB Bling? How did I miss this?


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