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Top Ten “School\’s Out For Summer” Items

The university year is over, and depending on what stage of life you’re in and your proximity to a university campus, that can mean several different things. For the newlyweds, it means great deals on apartments and couches as students attempt to clearance their living necessities before they go home for the summer. For the elders, it means stress-free bus rides and uncrowded city streets. And of course, for the students, it means making some extra cash by selling their junk online. Below are the top ten things you’ll be seeing a lot of on our site over the next month, because school’s out for summer.
10) Textbooks On Complicated Subjects Like Thermodynamics

9) Cliché Movie Posters That Were Cool In The 90s
8) Desks. Lots of Desks.
7) Lava Lamps, Useful For Setting The Mood
6) Unused School Supplies
5) Futons and Other Multi-Purpose Devices
4) Mini Fridges. You’re Cool If You Have One.
3) Comfy Chairs That Catalyze The Study/Work Process
2) Cars That Don’t Lock From The Outside
1) Apartments Rented Out By Desperate Landlords

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