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Top Ten Olympic Sports Items

You’ve been watching an Olympic event here and there since last Friday, and if you’re like me, you want more. There are a ton of athletic outlets for you to sink your teeth into, and your local site probably has the tools you’ll need before heading to the nearest ski hill or ice rink. If you’ve got an itch to do some sporting of your own, check out these ten items to get you into the Winter Games groove before the ice melts and the snow gets too slushy.

10) Freestyle Skis

Where were you when Alexandre Bilodeau won gold for Canada in freestyle skiing? It was the first gold medal for Canada on home soil. Quite the accomplishment considering the fierce competition. If you’re looking to emulate his perfect run, or just pull a “corkscrew 720” in the park, you might want to grab the appropriate gear. These freestyle skis are twin-tipped so that you can ski forwards and backwards.
9) Figure Skates
Skin tight jump suit? Check.
Dramatic soundtrack? Got it.
Judges on your payroll? Absolutely.
Figure Skates? Available on your local site.
8) Hockey Jersey
The 2010 Olympic Team Canada hockey jersey is for sale on UsedEverywhere, but it’s not cheap. It is, however, the perfect lounge attire for watching the gold medal game at home, or in person if you’re planning on dropping a few thousand on tickets.
7) Kids Hockey Skates
Get the youngsters in on the action with a pair (or two, or three) of kids hockey skates to condition them for the winter games in 2022. If the world hasn’t been destroyed and the ice caps haven’t melted, then I’d bet my bottom dollar that Canadians will still be playing hockey. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your children’s future.
6) Firefly snowboard
Wanna be the next Maelle Ricker? She was the first Canadian woman to win gold in Canada, and was converted to the snowboard by her brother who also competes. If snowboarding is your thing and you need a new board, or you’d like to convert someone you know, try browsing your local online classifieds and get carving.
5) Curling broom
Charles Barkley once said of curling, “I’m still trying to get my grandmother off her old behind and into the Olympics. Why not? She can dust.” He most certainly did not appreciate the true thrill of sweeping a forty-two pound, polished granite rock down a stretch of ice. If you do, then check out this curling broom that is specially designed for your sweeping pleasure.
4) Speed Skates
Christine Nesbitt just won Canada it’s first Women’s Speed Skating gold medal this week. Think you can beat her record? If you haven’t honed your skills but think you have a shot, then you may want to take advantage of this “very economical way to try speed skating with your own skates.”
3) Cross-Country Skis
Is sliding down a 35Ëš slope at 60 kilometers an hour not your style? Try the horizontal approach to skiing with two pairs of cross-country planks. I haven’t tried it myself, but I hear that skiing uphill can be incredibly challenging (and rewarding).
Note to biathletes: rifles not included.
2) Mario and Sonic at the Olympics
Maybe you’d rather relive the Olympic experience with your kids, and from the comfort of your living room couch. If you’ve got a Nintendo Wii you might want to check out Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It features two of the most recognizable characters of all time and will have you waggling and wiggling your hands until they’re as sore as a speed skater’s thighs.

1) Men’s Gold Medal Tickets
At a modest price of $5000, you can get your hands on four tickets to the Olympic gold medal hockey game. If you’re interested in seeing this match, which will no doubt be a highlight of the games, you have a decision to make: purchase now, without knowing which teams are competing, or purchase later, when Team Canada is announced as a finalist and the price of these tickets skyrockets. Good luck.
Hope you’re all enjoying the games. I bid you farewell and wish you a happy weekend!
– Michael

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