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Top Five: Cost Effective College Pranks

There are a couple things that and college students have in common. We both like to have fun, and we know what it’s like to do it on a budget. While we don’t condone the mischievous antics listed below, we can appreciate the countless laughs between friends that they’ve inspired over the years (and we hope you can too). Whether you’re on your way to university or those days have come and gone, here are our top five back-to-school pranks for students, on the cheap.

5) Packed Full of Packing Peanuts

There aren’t many positive things to say about your average dorm room. It’s small, old, and probably dirty (just sayin’). This bodes well for the prankster with peanuts. Packing peanuts that is. After a quick search of your local you might just get a truck load for free. Grab a few helping hands, pick an unsuspecting friend, and fill up their room when they’re off to the latrine. Then, watch from around a corner as they open their door. Be aware, though: You’re obligated to stick around for the clean up.

4) Saran Wrapped Toilet (male dorms only)

Speaking of latrines, you may have heard of (but hopefully not experienced) the Saran wrapped toilet seat. When you’re mark is asleep, lift up the toilet seat and tear off a large piece of Saran wrap. Pull it over the toilet bowl, but make sure to leave some slack. It may be easier to spot, but a tight wrapping will result in a nasty clean-up. Sit back and wait for a dramatic reaction.

3) Food Gone Wrong

From apple cores to unfinished Kraft Dinner to whatever else floats your boat. The age-old “leave something nasty in the corner of your friends room” prank lives on. Though, if they’re not hygienic enough to look in their corner they may not be cleaning their room anyway. In which case they’re pranking themselves. Think about that for second.

2) Sugar in the Bed

Simple and cheap. Sprinkle some sugar under the covers of your friend’s bed and they’ll toss and turn until they wash their sheets. Incentive to clean can’t be a bad thing, can it? All experienced pranksters know that timing is everything. In this case, that means the night before your friend’s calculus exam is off limits. Remember, this is ethical mischief we’re talking about.

1) Cold Awakenings

What may be the hardest of this list to pull off may also be the most rewarding. If you have a friend that sleeps deep, then round up a group to carry them, mattress and all, outside. Set up a video recorder or web cam for the best results.

Hope you enjoyed our foray into college shenanigans. Have a great weekend!

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