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Top 4: edited user photos

Earlier this week we wrote up a tutorial on how to add text to your photographs. Did you try it out? If you made an attempt, be sure to post your Ad ID number in the comments section below and I’ll include it in the blog. If you haven’t, the images below might convince you that it’s a sure-fire technique to drive traffic to your ads.

4) Name, features and price

Editing your image with the details about your item is a great way to generate traffic. Potential buyers will often browse through the thumbnail images rather than reading each description, and editing the information that you want to communicate into the picture is a great way to capitalize on that buying habit.

3) Color editing and cropping

Sometimes all people need is a little spice. In this case, the seller made some simple changes to the color balance and aspect ratio of their image. It immediately caught my attention as I scrolled through page after page of dull, square thumbnail images.

2) Advertising your address (commercial only)

If you’re a commercial seller, editing your storefront address and website into your pictures is a great way of driving people to both your virtual and “brick & mortar” locations. This seller made sure to size their text large enough so that people browsing through thumbnail images can make out their dealership’s address.

1) Multi-picture posting

Within our current framework, you are limited to posting 4 images in each ad. Some posters have creatively dodged this limitation by editing several images into one file, allowing them to communicate their item more effectively to potential buyers.

Got a tip? Post your idea or the Ad ID number of an ad that has edited their ad image in a creative way and I’ll had it to the post!

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