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Top 10 Ways to get into the Holiday Spirit with

10. Snow Suit

This is perfect for someone who can’t wait to run outside and make some snow angels. And really, who doesn’t love making snow angels?

9. Holiday Baking Service

The holidays just aren’t the same without the smell and taste of some yummy home baked treats. Unfortunately, lots of us (myself included) just don’t have the time to put on our aprons and get all floured up in the kitchen. This listing is for us!

8. Holiday Childcare


Could Mr. and Mrs. Claus use a break from looking after the elves this holiday season? This listing will help you find some time to yourselves!

7. Christmas Music

You know that quirky relative who always shows up in a sweater with pom-poms on it, smelling of rum and eggnog, the who wants to have Christmas music playing 24/7 over the holidays? He wants you to get these.

6. Party Dress

Is your holiday party fast approaching and you\’re still not sure what to wear? Look stunning in a holly berry red dress and make sure you get seen under the mistletoe! While you’re at it, why not find a pair of previously loved heels to go with it?

5. Snow Blower

Show your driveway (and the two feet of snow that just fell over the night) who’s boss with a lean, mean, snow blowing machine. It’s even flashy sports car red. That means fast!

4. Snowmobile

Word around the watercooler up at the North Pole is that Santa’s traded in his old sleigh for a new sled he found on! With an upgrade like that, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen might get to spend this Christmas Eve lounging around the fireplace.

3. Aaron Carter Ornament

Q: What do you get that person who collects holiday ornaments and is a huge fan of the siblings of 90\’s pop stars?

A: An Aaron Carter tree decoration. Yep.

2. Santa Suit

Putting on this Santa suit is bound to make any little one jolly, and it’s the perfect way to stay warm while waiting for the real Saint Nick to arrive.

1. Christmas Tree

The holidays are about giving and sharing, and this listing captures the spirit perfectly with a kind-hearted soul in Victoria looking to give a beautiful tree to someone less fortunate. We should take a note from this lister and remember to extend a helping hand to our neighbours in need this season.

Happy Holidays from all of us at!

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