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Toaster: The Finale

We’ve had some great feedback and conversations on our toaster series: The Title, and The Description. Here are the final results. What do you think?
Drum Roll Please…
Vintage Toaster – $5
My late 1930’s toaster needs a new home. Originally bought by my grandmother in the 40’s, this toaster is great if you have a vintage kitchen, if you want to use it as a film prop, or if you’re a student and want a cheap, working toaster.
A great kitchen accessory!
Here are some more specs if you want them:
Because it is old and doesn’t have all of the safety features that a new toaster would, I wouldn’t recommend it to families with young children; they can get into everything can’t they?

Call or email if you’re interested!

…So there it is – what do you think?

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