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Three DIY vases you’ll want to make today

Everything to do with DIY and upcycling is interesting to me. I love the idea of turning everyday trash into something with purpose and function. Plus, you can customize to your heart’s content—style on demand!

DIY Vases

This post will feature a few simple ideas for DIY vases—version 2.0, since I’ve written about DIV vases before. Those first vases are great,but there are so many other ways to upcycle and create vases, I wanted to share a few more.

All these ideas can be customized so please take my ideas and make them your own! Let them be an expression of yourself on top of bringing beauty to your home.

Simple DIY vase

Let’s start with a simple vase anyone can create with ease.

Simple DIY Vase

I call this simple because it’s as basic as it gets. Take a clean jar and fill it with stones, shells or other items. Take a ribbon and affix it around the jar. You will likely require glue to keep the ribbon in place. I recommend a glue gun.

Wrapping paper DIY vase

Wrapping paper DIY vase

This is a fun vase to make because you can try several combinations and have a new vase every time. Another reason this is such a great upcycle is because you don’t have to remove the pesky label—the decoration covers it right up.

Using wrapping paper and ribbon, find a combination you’re happy with. Affix the wrapping paper to the jar with a glue gun. Use as much or little as you wish. In this example, I’ve only glued the bottom section as my jar has a divot, which made smoothing somewhat difficult. After the glue is dry you can tie the ribbon around the jar to give it a little something extra. You may need to glue the ribbon to keep it in place. Fill the jar with flowers or other decor, keeping in mind that you won’t be able to see anything in the jar so it’s best to use longer items.

DIY mason jar vase

DIY mason jar vase

This is a simple case of spray paint on vase. The Mason jar is perfect for this project because of its texture. A nice, flat paint works best.

Spray the outside of the jar in a ventilated area, following the directions on the can. You will need two or three coats to make the jar opaque. Allow the paint to dry before bringing it indoors.

Since the jar is opaque, flowers or other longer items are recommended for this vase.

Bonus vase—gifting vase

Gifting DIY vase

Although more like a gift in a jar, this is such a cool project I had to include it. And technically it is a vase because once the cookies are gone it can totally be repurposed.

You’ll need strips of cloth, yarn or twine and a glue gun. Affix items to the bottom half so your cookies will be in full view.

Of all the DIY vases, this one leaves you the most vulnerable to glue burns so use caution when affixing the yarn to the jar, keeping your fingers out of the hot glue!

I hope these ideas for making your own upcycled vases will inspire many amazing projects. Enjoy!

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