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This Month’s Conversations

I think you’ll agree that the Internet moves pretty quickly. Every day, there are a countless number of new videos, news articles, blog posts, and cat pictures to soak up, and while most of the content is welcome, only the super nerds of the web can keep up. With this in mind, we’ve decided to bring you some of the more interesting discussions that have started on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog feeds. If you missed out on the first conversation, feel free to join in now.

Facebook – Are modified gaming consoles illegal in Canada?

Our Facebook community seemed to agree that modding your gaming rig should be legal, but how about ethical? There are certainly game developers and publishers that are losing out when you pirate a video game. Whether or not it’s legal, do you think it’s right?

Twitter – Make an iPhone/iPod app

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been getting a steady stream of tweets from theDRUMMERDUDE. Without confirming or denying anything, I’m just going to put our response here…

Blog – But mom, it’s so special…

Sharene, our resident mom and UsedVictoria junkie discusses the strategy behind purging old kids clothes without becoming the bad guy. Click here to check it out and add your opinion in the article’s comment’s section!

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