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The Used Crew Prepares for Hallow’s Eve

Does one’s Halloween costume reflect their inner soul, their outlook on life, their personal agenda? I hope not, because I’ve pulled several pictures from the Used Crew’s private photo collection and the results are mortifying. Check out a few members of our work force (the ones with embarrassing Facebook photos) out in the field on October 31st, and read their words of wisdom, or lack thereof, that they’d like to impart on anyone in the early costume preparation stages.

Nick took a cooking pot and turned it into a kid dressed up as a super hero

Nick’s words of wisdom: “Think ahead. I’m always in a mad scramble at the last minute.”

Alfie took a kimono and transformed it into a samurai

Alfie’s words of wisdom: “When picking out a wig for your costume, make sure it doesn’t clash with your sexy robe!”

Charlotte took a black dress and reworked it into a witch

Charlotte’s words of wisdom: “Just because you’re happy with it while changing in your bedroom… doesn’t mean that you’ll be warm enough walking around all night.”

Emma took a tutu and mutated it into the Candy Land board game –

Emma’s words of wisdom: “Find a sweet costume, or HIDE.”

Jose took a walking cane and reworked it into Waldo

Jose’s word of wisdom: “You can conceal grandma’s old cough medicine in your Halloween props.”

Andrea took a plain hoodie and shaped it into a lion

Andrea’s words of wisdom: “Keep it classy ladies.”

Sean took a kilt and forged it into William Wallace

Sean’s words of wisdom: “My best costumes have come from thrift store finds, and throwing something together at the last minute.”

Michael took a (fake) stuffed dog and transfigured it into Tin Tin

Michael’s words of wisdom: “Choosing a costume is all about preemptively striking the next big thing. Sorry Spielberg, your 2012 Tin Tin movie is so 2009.”

Tish took black boots and evolved them into Horatio Nelson

Tish’s words of wisdom: “Start with a theme (medieval, baroque, etc.), find a single piece (hat, sword, chest plate), and then use clothes from your closet to complete the experience.”

As the social media and community coordinator at, Michael is the voice you hear when you phone our 1-800 number and the text you read skim three days a week on our blog. Keep up with his antics on Twitter @MrConkin.

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