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The golden rule(s) of Mother’s Day

photo by Michael Coté via Flickr Creative Commons

Another Mother’s Day is upon us – the day where we take some time to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. But for us fathers, the purpose of Mother’s Day is two-fold: Sure, we want to thank our wives for all they do, but we also need to realize that what we do (or don’t do) on this special day will come back to haunt us in a few short weeks. Us dads have been blessed with the opportunity to set a Mother’s Day precedent that can only serve us well come Father’s Day. We need to prepare and celebrate with the mindset that we are paving a two-way street. Below are some general guidelines that will help you plan an awesome Mother’s Day for your wife and set you up for an awesome Father’s Day of your own.

Silence is golden

Letting mom sleep in on Mother’s Day is a given. But if you have young kids, you know that they can be a little loud (ok, they can be UNBEARABLY loud), which isn’t really conducive to a restful slumber. So it’s important to keep the volume down, even if you have to leave the house. Make sure your wife gets the sleep-in she deserves.

Listen to your wife, not tradition

Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift for your wife can be hard. But don’t fall into the traditional flowers and spa gift card trap, just because that’s what “people buy” for Mother’s Day. Ask yourself – do you really want another tie or box of golf balls for Father’s Day? If your wife likes flowers and pedicures, go for it, but if not, get her something she actually wants. Just like a gift for her on any other special occasion, listen to her and make a note when she mentions something she likes. You know, being an attentive and caring husband, you jerk.

Related: Don’t EVER do a coupon book. EVER

A homemade coupon book that can be redeemed for chores is fine for the kids to make, but from you it just reminds your wife of a bunch of things that you should be doing on a regular basis, without a stupid coupon. Dummy up and leave the coupons to the kids.

Finally, remember whose day it is

It’s great to have grand plans for the day, but make sure it’s something your wife actually wants to do. A day of mini golf with the kids may fit the bill for a family fun day, but does not make a relaxing day for Mom. And, while the element of surprise is nice on special days, it never hurts to actually ask your wife what SHE wants to do. You’d be surprised how much easier this makes your life, while actually giving your wife what she wants. It’s that whole “listening” thing again – crazy huh?

Now does that seem so hard? Didn’t think so. These simple-to-follow guidelines will ensure a great day for your wife, and lay the groundwork for the kind of Father’s Day you want. Just remember, do unto mothers as they would do unto you.

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