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The best upcycled coffee table ideas

Coffee tables are one of those household furniture items on which you can often spend way too much money. With a little bit of sourcing, some free and used items, and a touch of time, you can create your very own (and totally unique) upcycled coffee table for a lot less money than a store-bought table would cost.

Vintage suitcase coffee table

This vintage suitcase coffee table could work well as a night stand or side table. The vintage look is always a good style and it’s super versatile. Simply search on your local site for a suitcase and follow the steps on the Apple Box Boutique blog: Vintage Suitcase DIY. Here is a great luggage set from that you could lend your skills to.

Modge podge paper table

You can make a beautiful living room centerpiece table with some Modge Podge and a touch of time. This Domestic Peach DIY coffee table is a good example of what can be created very simply with pieces of paper. I think this table would look great in a reading room or by a large book shelf to showcase the pages. Here is the perfect table to upcycle:

Pallet coffee table

The verdict is…a pallet can become absolutely anything that you want it to become. There is no end in sight when it comes to pallet uses. Take this Dace pallet coffee table, for example. It’s stylish and affordable. With a few basic tools, you could do it, too! Yes you can! Find free pallets, like these ones on, or on your local site.

Flip flop table

I didn’t expect to come across this awesome blog while I was on my journey to find the best upcycled coffee tables, but I am thankful that I did. Have you ever thought to use potential trash for your creative pursuits? Diederik Schneemann, introduced on Island Woman, used flip flops that had washed up onto the beach to make a flip flop coffee table. You can do something similar with your rare finds and a basic table base, like this one on

Filing cabinet turned coffee table

This is such a great idea! The Miss Tweedle blog has lots of great tips, and this DIY coffee table is just one of them. This filing cabinet from would be a bit too tall for the centre of the living room, but as a side coffee table it could work well.

Get online and take a look at your local site and see what you can find. Our free tab often has some great finds and a heads up – Monday is THE day to find the best freebies on our sites. Below are some other useful links.

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