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Social Media Participation Guidelines

We ask that when participating in any conversation in the UsedEverywhere network of sites, or affiliates, you adhere to the following guidelines. These same high standards are also given to our employees and contractors

  • Be yourself – there’s no need to pretend to be someone you aren’t.
  • Be transparent – when discussing anything related to a business you own or job you are employed to do, disclose your employment/financial affiliation with everyone involved
  • Be family friendly – your children should be allowed to read what you post. Profanity and hateful language is never appropriate.
  • Be honest – mistakes happen, and if they do, make every effort to correct it as soon as possible.
  • Be engaging – when adding to a conversation, do it with the intent to honestly participate. Posts that are intended to solicit are just spam.
  • Be respectful – treat everyone with respect, even when engaging in polite disagreement.
  • Be discerning – you don’t have to comment on everything. Knowing when to engage in a conversation and when not to is one of the most difficult lessons of online participation.
  • Be confidential – privacy is an individual’s right. Never disclose personal information, yours and others, over social media channels unless given explicit consent.
  • Be mindful – your activities online can be viewed by your community and the whole world. Remember that every time you hit “submit”
  • Be humble – the web is full of smarter people, more active, and older communities. You can learn and engage more effectively by following and participating than through dominating and controlling others. There’s no need to bully or demean anyone.