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Selling used baby gear

Whether we are expecting our first child or replacing all the pink furniture with blue, so many of us buy brand new gear when a baby is on the way. But what do we do with all that clothing and gear when they grow out of it after a month or a year? Select a few special items for the memory box and sell the rest!

Selling baby gear


Buying tiny shoes and dresses can be irresistible, but when our little ones grow so quickly, those designer items often get worn a handful of times. Selling them can help pay for designer duds in bigger sizes. Here are some tips for selling them.

  • Stain treat first – getting rid of the stains will increase the condition of the clothes and increase your asking price. Check out these stain-removing tips for removing oil, grease or wax.
  • Buy a fabric shaver. It is an inexpensive investment, but great for getting rid of pilling on sweaters and leggings. It will improve the condition of your items which can increase the asking price.
  • Higher quality brands will fetch more money at resale time. Gap, Gymboree and sports brands like Nike or Adidas hold their value.
  • Decide if you want a higher return or to spend less time. You might make less money selling clothing in lots but it will likely sell faster.
  • Take quality photographs and make sure the area in the photos is tidy.
  • Inspect clothes in natural light. Use a room with a window with lots of light. Yellowing and stains will not show as well in artificial light.
  • Post them to the babies’ or children’s clothing section.


Trying to figure out what to do with all those toys your kids got for Christmas that are sitting on the shelf untouched? Post them on and make a little money for that hot new toy before their next birthday. Before you sell them, spruce them up using these tips to remove stickers, clean up velcro and tame Barbie’s hair.


Strollers are a big-ticket item and gently-used strollers have great resale value.

  • Make sure the stroller is clean. Dig out those cheerios from the seams!
  • If you have the safety manuals, include that information in your post
  • Avoid stock photos of your stroller. Buyers want to see the one you are offering.
  • Some brands are very popular, so list the brand name in your title

Selling your used baby gear can give you the best of both worlds. You get new stuff for your kids and then make some money when you sell it for the next family to love.

For tips on buying used baby gear, check out this post.


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