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Rewire your frames – easy DIY

Every place needs a little something on the walls, especially our office! Some framed images quickly add some ambiance to any place, but most frames need a wire to make hanging easier. Don’t be alarmed! (Re)Wiring frames is actually fairly easy. Here’s our quick DIY guide:

1. Get ready

First, figure out what it is you need to do. Is there any other work that needs to be done to the frame? Do you need new hooks for the wires or can you use the old ones? Do you need to wire the frames horizontally or vertically? How much wire will you need? How many hooks? Wires and hooks can be found in your local hardware store and should never be as tough on your budget as a new frame. Our frames were already spray painted but needed rewiring as the previous owner had used them as portrait frames.

2. Get set

Now that you have a game plan, let’s get the frame back to zero. If your frame already was wired before, remove the wire by cutting it as close to the hooks as possible. Now, unscrew the hooks to strip the frame of any parts that may cause the frame to hang a little lopsided.

3. Go

Time to put some wire on that frame! Put the frame in front of you, ensuring that you know where the top is.

Take the two sides perpendicular to the top and mark the spots for the hooks about one third of the way from the top.

In order to get the hooks into the wood, I used the screwdriver to carve out a small hole.

Press firmly and the hooks should easily turn into the wood. You can use the pliers for extra strength, too.

You already completed the hardest part!

Now, pull the wire through the hooks. When cutting the wire, make sure that 1) you leave at least 2 inches of room on either side for fastening and 2) that you leave it fairly loose in the middle.

Next, wrap the ends around the central wire, making sure that the wire can’t slip out of the hooks. For heavier frames, consider looping the wire through the hooks twice for extra stability.


And, voila! You’ve successfully framed a wire, ahem… I mean, wired a frame. I must say that the work of rewiring and hanging all of the frames we found on paid off, don’t you think?

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