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ReUsed & Revamped: Upcycling for the home

The annual spring clean, a time of uncertainty for old and outdated furniture. With far less effort than hauling a dresser to the curb, these DIY ideas from our blog can help revive even the most tired home decor.

The best upcycled coffee table ideas

There is only one question to ask yourself when upcycling something into a coffee table: “Is it flat?”

If the answer is yes, then it’s a coffee table. Any more questions? Here are some upcycled coffee table ideas.

Used furniture DIY: clocks

Whether the antique grandfather clock you inherited is no longer with the times, or you’d like a modern clock made from pot lids, portraits, or plastic spoons this DIY: Clock blog is for you!

Upholstery how-to courtesy of The Makehouse

Have you ever come across a piece of free furniture that has been abandoned just because of its ugly pattern? Beauty is only fabric deep! With the help of The Makehouse and our upholstery how-to video you’ll be rescuing orphaned footstools in no time.

Easy used furniture DIY: headboards

So much more than a pillow holder. Upcylce a tired wooden headboard into the bench or shelf of your dreams!

Transforming old doors

You may have noticed that we like things that used to be other things. Being creative opens doors to new furniture possibilities, and these repurposed wooden doors are a knock out.

Easy used furniture DIY: dressers

Need a new purpose for an old set of drawers? Dump out the sock drawer and find a new life for a dresser as a TV stand, vanity, or bookshelf with our easy furniture DIY.

Transforming old mirrors

Transform a boring mirror into the fairest of them all. Reflect your creative side with a custom mirror, here’s some inspiration from the UsedBlog.

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