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Found something cool to reupholster? Five tips for choosing the right piece

Hello UsedEverywhere fans!  My name is Staci Edwards, and I am the owner of Switch Studio, which is an upholstery and sewing shop located in Oakville, Ontario.

As a designer and upholsteress I always get asked what to look for when buying a used piece to reupholster, so I’ve put together five easy tips to ensure you’re buying a great piece…

1. Take a look:  Stand back and have a look at the lines and overall shape of the piece – Is it appealing to you?  Are the details and finishes of the piece unique?  If so, then be sure to nab that rare treasure!

2. Feel around: Feel around and give the edges a shake to ensure that it feels solid.  Also, feel underneath the dust cover the {black cover located under the seat} if you feel that it is solid under there, then it’s probably constructed with coil springs.  Coil springs take a lot of time to tie by hand, and chances are whoever took the time to use coil springs, took the time to construct a quality piece of furniture.

3. Lift it:  If the piece is heavy, that is usually a good indication that it is well made using good quality hardwood, that will last virtually forever.

4. Have a seat:  Be sure to wiggle around and really test it out.  If it feels sturdy, then great, and if it doesn’t be sure to consult with a professional to see if repairs can be done.  Of course make sure that it is comfortable, keep in mind that the padding and springs can be repaired in the reupholstery process, but the proportions are what they are.

5. Imagine it new:  Go ahead and picture it with some new paint, gorgeous fabric, and some coordinating throw pillows – Do you love the idea of what it could look like redone and in your home?  Then follow your heart, make the purchase, and call an upholsterer {or an upholsteress} to get that makeover.

To get some inspiration goodness going, let’s take a look at some before and after pics of furniture we’ve made over at Switch…

[portfolio_slideshow size=full slideheight=200 navpos=disabled] 

See the awesome things you can do with used, vintage, or antique furniture?  Way better than shopping at a big box store and buying new beige stuff, huh?

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and if you have any questions, drop me a line at  Also, please be sure to join Switch Studio on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It was nice to “meet” you, hope to see you around soon, and happy shopping!


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