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Resolution Solution

This year, forget a giant leap and focus on the baby steps.

So it’s that time again: another year is winding down and a new one is ready to ramp up. During this time our thoughts turn to new beginnings and change. Sitting on our couches, playing with the video game or watching the latest extended director’s cut we got from Santa, we think about how things are going to be different next year. Most likely magnified by the five pounds of turkey and two boxes of Pot of Golds coursing through our veins and the clutter of Christmas surrounding us, we think to ourselves, “No more!” And, finishing the last few bites of Nanaimo bar and wiping the Chex Mix crumbs from our PJs, we spring from the couch (as fast as out Toffifee-riddled bodies will allow us) and declare:

“This year will be different! I’m going to get off my butt and get moving! I’m going to eat less, move more and get in shape! And this clutter? Goodbye! My storage rooms and closets will shimmer and shine, they’re spotlessness only rivaled by my colon after I start a high-fibre, low-fat diet! Get ready for a new me in the New Year!”

Most people are able to ride this wave of baking-induced motivation until about the second or third week of January. Once Christmas is boxed away for another year and you aren’t constantly within an arm’s reach of a box of Turtles, you start to think things aren’t that bad. Life settles down and the status quo seems a lot more reasonable.

Why does this happen? For me, it’s because I know I bit off more than I can chew; I make grand sweeping statements of change that aren’t attainable without some major commitment. So this year I’m doing it different. Here’s my plan for making my New Year’s resolutions happen. Do I know if this will work? No. But I’m gonna give a go.


Gone is the grand sweeping proclamation or big gesture in the last week of December. So I’m not going to tell everyone that I’m dropping 30 pounds by June. And I’m not going to sign up for a $300 gym membership, hoping it will motivate me, because I’ll most likely be out $300.  A big life change takes time, so I’m taking it slow.

 Tip: if you do want to buy a gym membership or piece of exercise equipment, check with your work; many benefits packages now include a wellness account, with access to cash for this kind of stuff.


Part of this is to do small things everyday that will add up.  To get in shape I’m doing a few little things like packing my own lunches instead of eating out and taking the stairs at work. I’m also finding something I enjoy so I don’t get bored with it – forcing myself into a regiment that feels like work won’t work. I used to love going to boxing workout classes, so I picked up a punching bag and stand for a great price on Used Regina – I’m actually looking forward to using it, which I hope will go a long way to keep using it. I’m keeping it simple – eat healthier and move more. I hope it works.

Just picked this up yesterday, for $50 less than the asking price, and a good $300 less than retail. via UsedRegina

When it comes to organizing my house, I’m taking even smaller steps. I want to try to do something small everyday and I found a great 2012 Declutter and Organizing Calendar on to help me with this. It maps out a small organizing task for every day of the year – even if I only do three of every seven days, I’ll be better off than I was the week before.


Including moderation. I know I’m going to have a piece of birthday cake. Or not clean my room one night. Or drunkenly order a burger and fries when I’m in Vegas. That’s life. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it or set my resolutions in stone. And I also won’t use the occasional detour as an excuse to completely go off the rails. It’s a new outlook for a new year.

Wish me luck.


Writer. Idea man. Loving husband and father. Dance machine. They call me "The Truth", because my game is real. Follow Brodie on Twitter: @usedregina

2 Responses to “Resolution Solution”


Thank you! I just downloaded that decluttering calendar. What a super idea. Following a couple of bloggers that I read, I’m going to try two small goals each month. For January, I want to start blogging again, at least semi-regularly, and I want to clean out the walk-in closet that’s become a throw-in closet. I’ll wish you luck if you’ll wish me luck. 🙂



Thanks! All the best – let’s check in on each other in Feb and see how it’s going 🙂


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