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Remember when it’s not December

There is only one focus in December. Wether we like it or not, the 25th is a big day in our minds: parties to set-up, transportation to organize, gifts to figure out, schedules to line up, recitals to practice for, winter tires to put on, flights to book, etc, etc, etc….

And somewhere in the mix, there is a wonderful side effect – that of charity. As Sharene posted last week,

“…most people seem generally happier. I seem to get more smiles and nods and “have a good day.” Strangers are way more tolerant of my kids. I’m way more tolerant of my kids. It’s nice.”

Money is donated. Food is gathered. Toys are piled. And those less fortunate have a moment to see the brighter side of humanity.

Even we’re in the midst of lending a helping hand.

But, what happens when January comes?

Does it all go away?
Do you still have that charitable feeling?
Are people all of a sudden no longer in need?

Remember when it’s not December

We’ve started brainstorming ideas on how we can keep the charity going past December. We think it’s important. We’re working with folks like Dan and others to see what they do – now I’m asking you.

How do we keep this going all year round? Do you want to help? Do you know others who want to help?

Leave a comment on this blog post or, if you want to talk, call us at 1.888.480.3250 or email

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