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Winnipeg “Super Flea Market” Fundraiser Combines Art, Talent, Tech and Goodwill to help Underprivileged Filipino Kids Attend School

Local student Glenda Ollero ‘Pins’ her hopes for poor kids in her native Philippines on selling her own handmade Pins. Each one of her $12 pins brings in enough money to pay for one child’s schooling for a year. With the help of, Ollero has set a goal to raise enough money online and at the Super Flea Market February 5th and 6th to send 500 children to school.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba and VICTORIA, British Columbia – February 4, 2011 – is sponsoring Glenda Ollero in her quest to use her artistic talent to help underprivileged kids get an education. The Red River College student is selling her pins on online and at the 12th annual Super Flea Market Feb.5th and 6th at Assiniboia Downs. Funds raised from each of her $12 pins will go the Bata Project ( ) with the proceeds of each pin sale equaling the cost for one Filipino child to attend school for one year.

“When we help these children get an education we offer them more than just a hand out,” says Ollero, “we give them the tools they need to build their own futures.” has been working to facilitate this type of fundraiser by reaching out to local philanthropists and offering financial and promotional assistance. is covering the cost of Glenda’s booth at the Super Flea Market and will provide support with her flea market set-up along with her online campaign to help sell more of her pins.

“Glenda is a great example of a Community Angel in action. Our community outreach team is looking to support local individuals and groups to help them achieve their goals with online and community campaigns,” says Tish Hill General Manager. “We hope that Glenda’s campaign will inspire others to use our site and work with our community team members to reach their fundraising goals.”

Ollero’s pin sale campaign will increase the odds of some Filipino kids getting farther with their education. Only about 30% of Filipino kids complete grade 6 and Ollero hopes to change that by helping one child at a time with every pin sold.