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Local Victoria Man Helps Widow of Two Weeks Earn $1,200 in Three Hours Through

VICTORIA – On Saturday June 25th Dan Peirce organized a garage sale to help a local widow named Fran.  Fran’s husband passed away the previous week and she needed to sell the contents of his three large workshops.  Items in the shops included a large collection of fishing rods, tools, lawn equipment, art supplies, golf clubs, other sports equipment like weights – everything right down to the kitchen sink.  In the first three hours of the Saturday garage sale Peirce handled all transactions (for free) and made over $1,200 for Fran. She is now planning more garage sales in July with the help of Peirce and her neighbour and nephew.

It all started when Pierce saw an ad on for a lawn mower and went to buy it from Fran.  They got talking and he discovered that she had unfortunately been under-pricing her late husband’s antique and specialty fishing rods because she had never been involved in the buying process to start with.

“I felt she was getting taken advantage of when she told me how much the antiques had been sold for.  Then she took me around back to the three shops full of fishing rods and tools she needed to sell and I knew I should help her through this any way I could.  I know UsedVictoria well so I put up an ad for a garage sale that Saturday, wrote the description of stuff ready to sell and got it all organized the morning of,” said Peirce of his week leading up to the garage sale.  Peirce got dozens of emails and many phone calls within hours of posting the ad from people wanting to stop by or offering to help.  “It’s so nice to see the community come together through local websites like UsedVictoria,” said Peirce.

This isn’t the first time Peirce has helped out someone in need from the community through the local online classified site.  Last Christmas he helped a desperate dad of two through troubled times by getting the Victoria community together and raising enough money to get him out of an eviction notice, hydro bill threat of cancellation, and other immediate concerns.  Within one week of the desperate dad’s ad on, Dan Peirce had scoped out the situation, contacted suppliers, rallied the community and raised $1,000.

“I’ve been looking on UsedVictoria for years for great deals and started seeing more and more people using it as a last resort in desperate times, to reach out to the community.  There are many families in need out there and I’m just trying to help when I can,” says Peirce about his continued efforts. is part of the locally owned and operated family of Canadian local online classified sites, established in 2003.