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UsedEverywhere Can Help With Back to School

Back to School Shopping Savings. Canada’s Online Classified Site Helps Canadian Parents Save Money with Used Back to School Items and its network of local Canadian sites is offering up alternatives to the traditionally costly routine of spending hundreds of dollars at department stores to get ready for back to school. There is a wide range of useful used items from musical instruments, to sporting equipment to computers that can help parents save money especially with tight budgets after summer vacations.

“Parents are getting a lot more web savvy and looking online for used items before paying full retail prices for new clothing, sports gear, computers and other school supplies ”, says Tish Hill General Manager of “Parents are pleasantly surprised when they take the time to do a quick search for used items that their kids need, and the savings can be very significant”.

The team checked for back to school listings on (there are similar listings on all of the UsedEverywhere local city sites including UsedWinnipeg, UsedVictoria and UsedRegina). Here are a few examples of UsedOttawa items that could save parents money with the approximate new price listed in brackets:

For the school band or music class:

– Clarinet – used price – $150 (New retail approx $400)

– Trumpet – used price – $250 (New retail approx $300-500)

– Trombone – used price – $500 (New retail approx = $1000)

– Calculator – used list price – $5 (New retail approx $10-$25)

– Computer  used price $275 and Laptop used price $250 for homework and projects (New retail approx $500-$800)

Crayola backpack used price $3 (new retail appox $15)

– Army Kodiak Backpack & OP Backpack – used price $25 each (New retail approx $40-$100)

– Hooked on Phonics & Math – used price – $200 (New retail approx $300)

– Full set of Hockey Gear – used price – $150 (New retail approx $275)

– Boys Clothing – used price – $30 for multiple items (New retail approx $100)

– Girls Clothing – used price – $2 per item (New retail approx $10-$15)

– Desk – used price – $30 per item (New retail approx $100)

Soccer ball – used price – $5 (New retail approx $15)

Adding up the above used items gives a total savings of $750 – $1,850 per 1 child family, assuming 10 items of clothing and one of each of the other items are needed.

There are also many school related services that you can find listed at discounts. For example: Online tutoring, Tutors for Middle and High School students – used price – $20 per hour.

To find your local city site check out: is a family of Canadian local online classified sites, established in 2003.


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