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Steampunk Canada Partners with UsedEverywhere

Steampunk Canada, which Combines Victorian Era Innovations with Modern Day Technology, Partners with and to Give Old Tech and Fashion New Life

Ottawa, ON. – Feb.2, 2012, and the network of Canadian online classified sites is proud to be considered Canada’s official ‘Steampunk Trading Post’. The Steampunk community, which brings together people who love mixing the Victorian era with futuristic innovations, has gravitated to sites because ‘Steampunkers’ are constantly searching for old (used) items to create new inventions and outfits. is installing a Steampunk category on the main page of all local city sites across Canada and The U.K.

“Our new Steampunk category is a place where people can post items that fit into the Victoriana look and list things that people can use to build their steampunk costumes and devices,” says Jordan Kent-Baas, Marketing coordinator. “Old clocks, radios, LED lights, fabric, vintage boots, suits, pocket watches, you name it, all these things can be posted for steampunkers to fish through for their next treasure, or for the parts that will eventually be assembled into a new contraption.”

The Steampunk movement is based on the era when steam power was widely used (Victorian era in Britain or the American “Wild West”). It incorporates elements of science fiction and fantasy. Works of Steampunk feature futuristic innovations based on a Victorian perspective on tech, fashion, culture, architectural style and art. It includes such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or contemporary authors Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld and China Mieville.

It’s not unusual to see women in full Victorian skirts and bustle, sporting a copper pipe ray-gun with a brass jet pack. The movement has witnessed a resurgence thanks in part to the mainstream success of the recent Sherlock Holmes films.

Visit Steampunk Canada’s photo gallery to see examples of Steampunk fashion.

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